Why Should I Attend a Summer Course?


Date of Publication: 08 January 2020

Are you considering attending a summer course in the UK? Perhaps you’re looking to spend some time studying at one of the world’s leading universities?


Available for students aged 9-to-24 years old, Oxford Summer Courses provides short and intensive courses, designed as an introduction to university life at the University of Oxford and Cambridge. 

Combining the renowned academia with exciting extra-curricular activities and day trips, we offer students an authentic taste of undergraduate life at a top institution.


What are the benefits?

There are a huge range of benefits you’ll get from attending one of our summer courses. From pushing yourself academically to gaining invaluable experience which you can include on university applications and CVs.

Take a look at our top 10 benefits below:


1. Gain a deeper understanding of your chosen subject

Our summer courses offer you the chance to immerse yourself in a subject and study it intensely. From Medicine, Law and Creative Writing to Robotics, Maths and STEM subjects, there are over 40 subjects to choose from. Working with your tutor through small seminar classes and tutorial-style teaching (for students 16+), you’ll analyse your subject from every angle, looking at it contextually to gain a deep and thorough understanding. It’s the perfect way to gain an academic edge over your peers. 


2. World class teaching 

Our academic tutors really are the very best. With many of them currently or having taught and studied at the University of Oxford and/or Cambridge, they are at the forefront of the latest discoveries and cutting-edge research, constantly producing new syllabi to inspire our students. On our English Language courses, our tutors are CELTA/ Trinity Cert TEFL qualified as a minimum, with a wealth of experience teaching our age groups. 




3. Stay in Oxbridge accommodation

During your time with us, you’ll be staying in accommodation at either the University of Oxford or Cambridge. Based in the heart of the city centre, you’ll be within walking distance to teaching rooms, restaurants, shops and local museums. With single and twin rooms on offer, you get to live alongside other students the same age, from countries around the world.


4.  Small class sizes

For our Oxbridge courses, we keep our class sizes small, with no more than 8 students in each seminar. With students aged 16 and over, we also offer 2:1 tutorials – it’s a chance for you, your classmate and your tutor to enter a detailed discussion and develop your critical thinking skills. 


5. Letter of recommendation

Upon completing your course, you will receive a letter of recommendation from your tutor which you can use towards university, job and internship applications. Here’s an example of the letter that you will receive:


6. Certificate of completion

In addition to a letter of recommendation, you will also receive a certificate to confirm you have completed the course. Again, using this on university/job/internship applications will prove that you are a dedicated student, committed to taking time out of your summer holidays to push yourself academically and take on new cultural experiences.



7. Develop language skills

For many international students, choosing to study abroad is a great way for them to develop their English language skills – which is a highly sought after language by many employers.

There is no better way to improve your English than by immersing yourself in the country, surrounding yourself around native speakers who can help and support you to develop your skills. 



8. Learn the ‘Oxford’ way

As already mentioned, our summer courses are designed to offer an authentic experience of life as an Oxford or Cambridge student. 

Staying in student accommodation, you’ll experience the renowned teaching methods that Oxbridge universities have to offer, including the renowned tutorial system. 

You’ll also take part in a range of cultural activities; including punting, local tours, eating at local restaurants, etc., as well as enjoying educational day trips to some of Britain’s most prestigious sites. 


9. Make new friends

When you attend a short summer course, you’ll be joined by lots of other students from all over the world. This is a chance for you to meet other like-minded individuals who all share the same passion for learning as you. 

Sharing accommodation, meals and free time, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know one another and create unforgettable memories together.  It’s the chance to make lifelong friends who will be invaluable to your network as you grow up. 

In addition, when you join our courses,  you will become a part of the Bridgemark Network where you can keep in contact with your new friends, reminisce, and meet alumni students from years past.


10. Explore a new city

If you have a passion for travelling, then Oxford Summer Courses gives you the opportunity to explore the infamous cities of Oxford and/or Cambridge. 

Many of our dedicated team of on-course staff are local to the area, holding excellent knowledge of the surroundings. They will have a range of insightful recommendations for ways to spend your free time, including the best local eateries, entertainment and green spaces, there’s so much for you to explore!

You’ll no doubt experience the summer of a lifetime when you join us on one of our courses. Friendships will be made that you will take with you through life, you will learn invaluable lessons and skills from tutors, and you’ll get to enjoy new experiences that will stay with you forever. 

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Read about student’s past experiences, or speak to an advisor today to discuss further.


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