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Rewrite Your Future: Benefits of a Creative Writing Course

Considering to study a creative writing course in summer but want to know how it can help you in the future? Perhaps you are looking ahead and wondering what you can do with a Creative Writing degree and its transferable skills?

Read below to learn all about what you can expect on our Creative Writing summer courses in the UK, as well as 5 ways a creative writing course could benefit you in the future.

What Does a Creative Writing Course Entail?

Our Creative Writing summer programs are available in the UK in the beautiful cities of Oxford and Cambridge. Available to students aged 16-24, you will be able to understand how some of the world’s best writers became masters in their field, and also receive valuable coaching to push your work further.

You will combine seminars and writing workshops to analyse your work with others, as well as learn some of the techniques which made some of the most successful writers in literary history.

The Benefits of a Creative Writing Course

1. Imagination

Creative Writing boosts your imagination as you create new worlds, situations and characters in your work. When you are stimulating your brain to ‘think outside the box,’ you will become adept to discovering alternative solutions to problems and look at issues from different angles. Your perspectives will become more innovative and you will be able to push boundaries to solve problems.

2. Empathy

When you are creating characters in your writing, you will be integrating personalities, emotions and world views that are different from yours. In doing so, you will be developing your empathic skills, gaining an understanding for others’ views who do not encounter life in the same way as you.

Having empathy is a great trait to have for the university and the workplace. Being able to understand and sympathising with your colleagues/classmates’ problems will help them feel valued and supported in overcoming their challenges. You will be creating a more collaborative environment which will ultimately lead to better relationships and success in yours and your teammates’ goals.

3. Better Thought Clarification

Developing structures within creative writing helps you clarify your thoughts into a logical process, as well as your emotions. You will be able to look at situations in the workplace and in the rest of your life with clarity, being able to define clear pathways in order to overcome problems in the future.

4. Broader Vocabulary

Creative Writing encourages you to expand your vocabulary as you explore new ways of expressing yourself. As you develop your writing over time, you will discover a development in your use and range of language, which will ultimately be invaluable in any career path and social situation.

5. Critical Review

Part of your creative writing course involves having your work reviewed by others and learning how to critically review theirs. Being able to listen to the feedback and implement constructive criticism is an important skill that will benefit you in whatever career path you choose.

Are you interested in finding out more about our Creative Writing courses? Click here to learn more about them or contact us today to speak to an advisor.

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Discover the benefits of a UK creative writing course. Boost imagination, develop empathy, clarify thoughts, expand vocabulary, and learn critical review skills. Prepare for success at Oxford Summer Courses.

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