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I’ve just come out of a brilliant Modern British Government tutorial here at my College (Brasenose) and It’s inspired me to write something about the tutorial system at Oxford, and how Oxford Summer Courses allows you to experience it:

Unlike many other summer schools you might go on where teaching is done exclusively in groups or in lectures, Oxford Summer Courses is fully committed to Oxford-style Tutorial teaching: An Oxford Tutorial is a (typically) hour long teaching session between you and a tutor, your tutor is always an expert in the field, and often one of the leading scholars on it in the world. You will write an essay based on a set reading list for the tutorial which will form the basis of the discussion, teaching and learning in the tutorial. Only at Oxford and Cambridge is teaching of such care, intimacy and depth offered. Tutorials are a space to learn, to argue for your ideas and be challenged, they are safe environments in which it is always ok to be wrong, and in which you will always have your ideas challenged and your thinking developed.

At Oxford Summer Courses all the staff and the founders have gone through the Oxford tutorial system, and know the value of this unique learning experience, which is why we at Oxford Summer Courses have a commitment to offering our students here tutorial teaching. Every week at Oxford Summer Courses you will have an hour long one-on-one tutorial with an Oxford Tutor. You will have written an essay (just like at Oxford and will spend the whole hour discussing your essay, it’s arguments and the reading you have done (just like at Oxford).

My tutorial today, here at Oxford, was on the relationship between the Legislature and the Executive at the Westminster Parliament here in Britain. We looked at Select Committees and Public Bill Committees, along with the Wright Reforms of 2010. While this may not be your thing (although it is mine) your tutorials will be done in the subjects you choose to study with us. By offering a wide range of subjects and encouraging you to specialise we ensure that whether it is British Politics or Biology, Economics or English Literature, your one-on-one tutorials will provide you with a phenomenal depth of insight into your chosen subject.

I’ll blog about tutorial again soon, but I’ve got to run off to a society meeting. Do comment if you have any questions about tutorial teaching at Oxford Summer Courses!

How are the tutors selected for Oxford Summer Courses, and what criteria are used to ensure they meet the standards of Oxford-style tutorial teaching?

The process of selecting tutors for Oxford Summer Courses involves stringent criteria to ensure they meet the standards of Oxford-style tutorial teaching. Typically, tutors are chosen based on their expertise and prominence in their respective fields. They are often leading scholars, experts, or experienced educators who have a deep understanding of the subject matter they teach. This ensures that students receive high-quality instruction and engage in meaningful discussions during their tutorials.

Can students request specific topics or subjects for their tutorials, or are they assigned based on the available tutors and their expertise?

Students participating in Oxford Summer Courses can indeed request specific topics or subjects for their tutorials. While the availability of tutors and their expertise may influence the assignment of tutorials, the program strives to accommodate student preferences as much as possible. This allows students to pursue their academic interests and tailor their learning experience to suit their goals and aspirations.

How does Oxford Summer Courses ensure that students from diverse educational backgrounds are adequately prepared for the intensity and depth of one-on-one tutorial teaching, particularly if they have not experienced this style of learning before?

Oxford Summer Courses recognizes the importance of preparing students from diverse educational backgrounds for the intensity and depth of one-on-one tutorial teaching. To address this, the program offers support and guidance to ensure that all students are adequately prepared for the tutorial experience. This may include pre-course materials, orientation sessions, and ongoing academic support throughout the program. Additionally, tutors are trained to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing their ideas and engaging in intellectual discourse, regardless of their prior educational experiences.

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