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Top 5 Reasons to gift a summer course

Finding unique gifts can be a struggle for the person who has everything, that’s why experience gifts have become increasingly popular over the years. So why not give the gift of summer?

Here are our top 5 reasons why a summer course in Oxford, Cambridge or London can be the ideal gift for someone aged 9-24.

  1. Delay the post-holiday blues - give them something to look forward to. Our award winning courses are all about the experience. As well as a high quality education, during our 2 week courses, students will get the chance to explore the city - Oxford, Cambridge or London and also visit other parts of the UK on day trips. Younger students aged 9-12 will have fun-packed days of hands on-learning and plenty of playtime, including an organised ‘bop’ for music and dancing.

  2. Invest in their future. A summer course is the gift that keeps on giving. Help them to improve their knowledge, or test out a subject they may want to continue studying. With more than 40 subjects to choose from, you can find the ideal course for them. They will also receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation at the end of their course that they can put on their applications and take part in an Oxford style graduation ceremony. Before arriving on the course, they will be enrolled onto Oxford Summer Courses Foundations (OxFo), our pre-course online learning platform designed to help kick start students’ learning through pre-course materials and guidance on learning objectives. We teach using the Oxford methodology through small class sizes and tutorial approaches within the walls of leading universities in the UK (Oxford, Cambridge and UCL) or interactive teaching at top boarding schools for younger students. Many of our tutors are also Oxford and Cambridge graduates with a passion for their subject areas. Some students come back year after year to keep building their knowledge and to try out new subjects.

  3. Help them make exciting new friends. Students come from all over the world to attend our courses (over 100 countries in 2022) and many of our students make friends for life, even returning in subsequent years together! Help them expand their horizons and build new friendship networks to learn from.

  4. Give a gift that also gives back. We know we have an impact on our environment. That’s why we are always looking for ways to counteract this wherever possible. Each year we work with Climate Impact Partners to offset the carbon emissions generated both by us as a company, but also by our students’ travelling to attend our in-person programmes. This money is invested into low carbon sustainable development projects. In addition we also support Universify, an independent charity committed to educational equality, through significant annual financial donations, volunteers and office space. So while they’re busy learning, they will also be giving back.

  5. Experience Oxbridge style learning. All our tutors use the Oxbridge tutorial method, a style of teaching hundreds of years in the making. This method is focussed on small class sizes and working closely with the teacher. At Oxford Summer Courses, they will learn in classes of no more that 8 other students and get to experience personalised learning and feedback from their tutor. Gift this gift to your loved one today!


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