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Should I Attend a Medicine Summer Course in Year 12?

With A-Level exams and university applications looming, it could be the perfect time for you to immerse yourself in an intensive programme, designed to enrich your learning and excel you as an individual. If that is all you needed to hear you can apply now!

We’ve pulled together our top ten reasons why studying with us on one of our medicine summer course could benefit you.

1. See if you enjoy medicine as a subject

Studying medicine at University is a long and intensive degree, it’s important that you get to know the subject before you apply for it.

With summer schools lasting around two-to-six weeks, it's an ideal length of time for you to get introduced to medicine and see if it is the right course for you. With plenty of teaching hours and independent study, you’ll immerse yourself in the subject for plenty of time to see if you enjoy it.

2. Learn practical & real-world methodologies

Here at Oxford Summer Courses, our medicine courses are all about equipping you for your future by providing you with practical methods which are used by professionals today, and by teaching you about the latest research and discoveries in medicine, so you have an accurate knowledge of medicine in the real-world.

3. Meet medicine enthusiasts & network

Medicine isn’t a subject you tend to study at school. That’s why attending a summer course is so great! Where you may be one of the few pupils at school who is passionate about the subject, when you attend a summer course, you will be surrounded by classmates who all share the same enthusiasm for the subject.

Networking with others is great, not only for your future career endeavours, but also to share helpful tips and information. You never know, you may even meet a new best friend!

4. Learn from the leading experts

If you have questions about the subject - whether you’re wondering if the subject is right for you, unsure what branch of medicine you would be interested in pursuing, or even if you want to know what a day in the life of a doctor is - a summer course is the perfect place to have them answered.

If you are enrolling in an Oxford Summer Courses medicine course, you can feel assured that you are being taught by experts. We pride ourselves on hiring the best tutors from Oxford, Cambridge and other leading institutions, to ensure our students are receive the highest quality of teaching.

5. Improve your science grades

By immersing yourself in extra tuition over your summer holidays, you will be able to solidify your understanding of biology, chemistry and physics, and will have it fresh on your memory for when you return to school.

6. Get a taste of medicine at university

You will be getting an authentic taste of what a ‘day-in-the-life of a medicine student’ is like. Mixing traditional seminars with practical workshops, professional development sessions and lectures from keynote speakers, you will experience the various teaching methods that Oxbridge medicine students receive.

7. Support your university application/CV

Showing potential institutions and employers that you chose to spend your summer holidays further developing your knowledge around medicine shows a huge amount of dedication, passion and commitment to the subject. At the end of one of our course our tutors will write you a letter of recommendation which you can also add to your university applications. It will have your application glowing!

8. Develop your language skills

Learning another language, especially English, is a popular reason as to why students choose to take part in a summer school as English is one of the most commonly used languages in medicine. Whether you want to prepare for your IELTS exams, need stronger English skills for a future university application or simply want to become more fluent in the language, you will certainly improve your language skills when you immerse yourself at an British institution for a few weeks.

9. Make new friends

When you decide to attend a residential summer camp, you will be sharing the experience with other like-minded students. It is the perfect opportunity to make a new circle of friends, as you study alongside them and also make the most of your downtime together.

10. Have fun!

We know that studying medicine can be quite intense and challenging. And we also know that you’ll be taking time out of your summer holidays to study with us so we will make sure that you get plenty of downtime to relax and have fun. From scheduled day trips to sporting afternoons, meals out and movie nights, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to chill out and have a break from studying.

Ready to apply for Oxford Summer Courses?

For a once in a lifetime experience, join us for summer 2023 where you can discover over 40 academic subjects, including medicine taught by expert tutors. You’ll meet other like-minded individuals from around the world and make friends for life! Apply today and choose from 3 stunning locations in the cities of Oxford, Cambridge and London.

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