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Oxford Summer Courses at Scottish High School, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

As part of our mission to share our authentic Oxford model with the world, I am delighted to count the world’s most populous city as a location for Oxford Summer Courses in India 2017! We’re working with Scottish High to host a course in India’s capital (or, to be more specific, the Gurgaon part of town).

My orientation visit to meet students and parents started with a good omen: Scottish High is a host for the Arsenal FC Soccer School (for the uninitiated, Arsenal is a football team in the English Premier League and their soccer school teaches key skills to fledgling footy fanatics). As an avid Arsenal fan, viewing the logo on the school’s sign – 10,000 miles from my home (near Arsenal’s Emirates stadium in North London) – brought a smile and sense of familiarity that calmed any residual nerves before presenting to a set of parents keen to find out all the details of the course. For those that missed the presentation, the key details are:

  • 5 subjects: Business & Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Economics, Media Studies, Medicine
  • Dates: 12 June-21 June 2017
  • Residential (1.65 Lakh) and non-residential (1.25 Lakh) options available
  • Applications selected based on quality of personal statement (as with all our courses): apply here

Parents asked for the key differences between the city-based courses those further from town. Answer: the academic content will be the same but the activities may vary as we’re making best use of the available resources at each location. For example, whilst Kodaikanal boasts incredible access to nature and outdoor pursuits, regarding Delhi our Business & Entrepreneurship tutor Daniel Kaute has already started using the local Oxford University alumni association to find a local angel investors group to take part in the final “pitch day” for his students on the course. Meanwhile, Aditi Rajgarhia a former television anchor (and classmate of mine at Oriel College in Oxford) who now runs successful mentoring company, Mentor U, is lining up a communications workshop to help you perfect your final presentations.

These examples demonstrate how we’re making the most of what’s on offer at each location. If you’re interested but can’t decide which subject or location please get in touch-we’d be delighted to help!

Oxford Summer Courses has teamed up with Scottish High School to offer a 10-day residential and non-residential summer course open to students from across India and the world. Courses are taught by Oxford tutors on location in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR starting 12 June 2017, price 1.25 Lakh (non-residential) / 1.65 Lakh (residential).

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In the 5th and final blog of this series on Oxford Summer Courses in India our founder Harry discusses his trip to Delhi to visit Scottish High School, one of four new Indian locations for Oxford Summer Courses in 2017.

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