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Oxford Summer Courses at Prudence Intl. School, Mumbai

Prudence School used to be a resort in Navi Mumbai’s suburbs but rapid development has seen the city grow up (quite literally – there are plenty of skyscrapers) around the school’s X-acre site. Fortunately Prudence has managed to hold on to its green setting since its conversion into a school in [2008] and has made its mission to become an eco-school (see the rainwater reservoir and organic vegetable patch amongst others).

At Prudence we’re offering residential courses only, where you’ll share a large room overlooking the tree-lined fields with 1-2 other students and get the chance to taste the extremely locally-sourced bottlegourd or cucumber from garden (during term-time the student’s run a social enterprise selling the veg to the canteen and at local markets). During my short stay I can vouch for the excellent quality of the food – both Indian, continental and Korean options (the chef has a particular skill following time with Korean students). You’ll stay in blocks separated by gender with an experienced student welfare team from Oxford and Prudence taking care of you.

The subjects on offer are: Business & Entrepreneurship; Computer Science; Economics; English & Creative Writing; Natural Sciences (an introductory course covering some of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science). This course starts on 12 May so it’s ideal if you’re lucky enough to start your vacation early in the summer.

Like KIS, Prudence offers a tranquil, natural setting to study your chosen subject with an Oxford tutor – the site has fully-equipped classrooms but the shade of the tree looks equally inviting for classes that don’t rely on equipment. So, if you prefer birdsong to honking when immersing yourself in your favourite subject, this is the course for you!

Oxford Summer Courses has teamed up with Prudence International School to offer a 10-day residential summer course open to students from across India and the world. Courses are taught by Oxford tutors on location in Navi Mumbai starting 12 May 2017, price 1.4 Lakh.

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Oxford Summer Courses and Prudence International School are offering a 10-day residential summer course in Navi Mumbai. Subjects include Business, Computer Science, Economics, English and Creative Writing, and Natural Sciences.

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