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Oxford Summer Courses at Oakridge International School

Our new course in Bangalore offers a different prospect to the hilltop location of Kodaikanal. The city setting means students can take up either non-residential or residential options, mirroring our pilot course at Oakridge Hyderabad in 2016. The school is a short journey from Bangalore’s Whitefield district – known for its tech companies, flashy malls and big brands – and residential students will stay at the Whitefield Holiday Inn (in twin rooms). Wherever you stay, the academic content of the course will be the same and you’ll have plenty of time with your tutor and socialising with your classmates.

Oakridge’s site is modern, clean, green and well-equipped – perfect to study one of our most popular subjects with Indian students (Business & Entrepreneurship, Computer Science and Creative Writing) or to try out one of specialist courses in Medicine or Natural Sciences (where you’ll utilise Oakridge’s excellent labs). We’ll be posting more information on the course outlines for each subject on our India page soon.

We’ll also be offering one subject that’s unique to Oakridge India – Politics and Society. Thanks to the Grade 10 IGCSE class at Oakridge for having a particularly interesting conversation on politics with me following my presentation about the course. We’ve lined up our top Politics tutor Dana Mills. Dana will be leading her class through an interdisciplinary course designed as an introduction to key concepts studied by undergraduates reading Political Science, Political Theory, Law, Sociology, Philosophy. Caveat: you won’t come away as an expert in all these subjects but you’ll get a taste for what they entail and better understand the relations between them and common problems. Useful for any budding PPEists (PPE, or Philosophy, Politics and Economics is a flagship course at Oxford University and my undergraduate degree).

As a former Political Theory tutor I’m very much looking forward to returning to Bangalore to continue the political conversation (as we’d only managed to get through Trump, Brexit and extremist politics – lots still to cover). Academic conversations around your subject are one of the best parts of our courses (if, like me, you’re secretly a bit of a geek for your subject).

Don’t worry if politics isn’t your thing – whichever subject you take up you’ll be with like-minded students who share your passion and a tutor who’s devoted their career to researching it (so you’ll find equally geeky people who love your subject)!

Oxford Summer Courses has teamed up with Oakridge International School, Bangalore to offer a 10-day residential summer course open to students from across India and the world. Courses are taught by Oxford tutors on location in Bangalore starting 26 May 2017, price 1.25 Lakh (non-residential) / 1.65 Lakh (residential).

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Oxford Summer Courses partners with Oakridge International School, Bangalore for a 10-day residential summer course starting on 26 May 2017. Subjects: Business, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Politics.

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