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Date of Publication: 10 December 2018

Looking back over the last 8 years, what impact can we say we have made on the over 5,000 students who have joined us so far? Where did we help the most, what memories stand out to our alumni, and most importantly, where are our alumni now?

To get a clearer idea of what impact our courses are really having on our students, we wanted to reach out to our alumni from the last 8 years, and find out what they are up to now.

Did our courses inspire them to study at university? Did our courses inspire them full-stop? Well, we found out the answers, and so much more! We are very proud to share with you the following summary of our alumni surveys, and we thank each and every alum who took the time to respond!

We asked our alumni first about their best memory from their time studying with us- and this is what they said…

“The best memory happened on the night of our first formal dinner, it was one of the best nights ever, and such a fun night of the course.”

“Punting definitely! Debating and the law course were also great. I loved my group and the course directors were super helpful!”

“There were so many! Every day of those two weeks were the best ones. The tutorial sessions with Ms. Amanda Holton were the best for me! And the trip to Blenheim Palace.”


Next, we asked our alumni to tell us in their own words what they thought the impact of our courses had been on them..

“The course helped me in learning more about myself as a writer because of the tutorial sessions. It helped me learn more about literature and learn in depth about its techniques through different texts and how every perspective has a different impact on the given text. Just discussing the texts, various writing techniques was a learning experience I’ll never forget.”

“I enjoyed learning on human rights law and it has helped me this year, since I started a law degree at University.”

“My English grades shot up by almost 20% in the following semester and I made life-long friends that I have stayed in touch with.”

“The course has taught me to be independent.”

“Oxford Summer Courses has been one of the most impacting, engaging and enthralling experiences of my life! Through the course of the program I made a lot of friends from across different countries. In addition, I learned a lot of knowledge about multifarious aspects of economics and business because of my course tutor and the simple yet intriguing class discussions and interactions with my peers. Most importantly, I learned about college life, living independently, being more responsible amidst a campus full of people with same ambition and excitement as me! I would like to thank Oxford Summer Courses for giving me the opportunity to blossom to my to my full potential and making the program enjoyable yet informative.”


We also asked our alumni what they were doing now..

47.6% are at school

42.9% are doing an undergraduate degree

and 9.5% are working, travelling, or undertaking a postgraduate degree


Our students are currently studying at the following institutions:

University of Edinburgh

Uppsala University

University of Delhi

University of Sussex

University of Malta

The Samworth Church Academy

KAIST, South Korea

University of Sydney

International School of Prague

Jumeirah College Dubai

Vienna International School

Clayesmore School

James Allen’s Girls’ School

Radley College

The Education University of Hong Kong


Finally, we asked our students what their goals were for the future- and they told us…

-pursue an MBA course

-become a finance or corporate lawyer

-study law

-work as a fiction editor and become a best-selling author/ poetess

-study at a top UK university

-create an eco-friendly business to benefit underprivileged communities in India

-become a doctor

-explore the world and live with no regrets

-become a non-profit lawyer

-teach children English so that they can discover the world

-pursue a Masters degree

Our students and alumni are bright, ambitious and the world truly is their oyster, and we couldn’t be prouder to see the catalysing effect of our courses on our student’s educational and career paths. Whether they studied Law, or Creative Writing with us, our alumni are pursuing their passions and have goals for their future which they are determined to reach.

We wish them all the best, and invite alumni, and parents, to join our global network at bridgemarknetwork.com

Our alumni are also encouraged to share their stories here.

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