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Our English Language Courses are British Council Accredited

Oxford Summer Courses are proud to announce that we have received accreditation from the British Council for our English Foreign Language Courses.

What is British Council Accreditation?

‘The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.’British Council Website

Aside from the extensive work they do in promoting British culture worldwide, the British Council are also responsible for monitoring various institutions and their teaching of English as a foreign language. They ensure that the management, teaching, resources and welfare of both staff and students are of superb quality and follows all correct protocol.

We are pleased to have received our full accreditation in 2019, and will continue to strive to be a trusted short course provider for our quality English language courses.


Student learning English with Oxford Summer Courses

What does this mean for me?

It means that if you, or a student you know, decides to join us on one of our courses, then you can rest assured that our English Foreign Language courses have been quality checked to provide students with an excellent learning experience.

Everything from the accommodation to student welfare and staff management have been checked extensively and meet the standards required to be accredited by the British Council. 

What English Language Courses do you offer?

We offer a range of English Foreign Language Courses. These are:


Active English learning session with Oxford Summer Courses

To find out more about our English Language courses, please visit the course page here.

Do you have any questions about our English Foreign Language courses or want to find out more about our British Council Accreditation?

Contact us today to speak to an advisor.

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We are pleased to announce that we have received British Council accreditation for our English Language courses. Learn all about what this means when you study English as a Foreign Language with us.

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