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My Time On The Oxford Summer Courses Day Trips

During her summer working as a marketing intern, Bethan got the chance to enjoy plenty of day trips with the students. Here is what she had to say about them.

While working with Oxford Summer Courses over the summer to gather marketing content, I had the opportunity to go on day trips with the students on an almost weekly basis. This was amazing as not only was I able to spend time with the students and on-course staff, but I also got to visit a lot of places I hadn’t been to before, despite living so close to them. To top it off, what made these experiences even better was that it was a very warm summer in Oxford this year!

The first of the trips I was able to attend was a trip to Bath with Worcester College - a new visit for me, as well as for most of the students. This meant I was able to experience what it was like for them, seeing everything for the first time. It was an amazingly sunny day when we made our way to the Roman Baths and while waiting to go in we were able to take in the surroundings. As the Baths are central to the city and adjacent to the abbey, we took in views of the courtyard; there was a man playing a violin so beautifully that he had a huge crowd surrounding him. Tourists were bustling around, taking pictures of the busker and the gorgeous buildings which towered over us. The students were then able to explore the Baths, and if they were brave enough, try the natural Spa water, which contains 43 minerals and has attracted people to Bath for centuries (although doesn’t taste great). 


My time with Oxford Summer Courses also allowed me to visit Windsor (twice!) with both Begbroke (9-14 year olds) and Worcester college (18-24 year olds). It was great going with two different age groups and seeing how differently they responded to it. The 18-24s found great interest in the chapel, Henry VIII’s grave and the décor of the rooms in the castle, whereas the younger group preferred the external aspects of the site; the size of the castle, the arrow slits in the walls and (most importantly)...the ice cream kiosk! I was reminded that while age groups may be interested in different aspects of a trip, they all ultimately enjoyed the same thing which is not only a comfort to the staff, but makes it more interesting for the staff members that go to the same place more than once as it each time feels like a new experience!


Lastly, (on a less sunny day) I was able to visit London with the 9-14 year olds from Begbroke. Not letting the weather dampen our spirits, we were still able to enjoy the city as we cruised along the river on a boat down the Thames, ventured onto the London Eye and enjoyed an easy stroll around Covent Garden. Many of the students hadn't been to London before, so it was a great experience for them and they were eager to make the most of their time spent there.


Exploring aside, what has been most enjoyable for me during these trips is to see how close the students get in such a short amount of time; they very quickly all become friends, joke around and are constantly  talking to one another. It's not only heart-warming to see, but is a testament to the summer course,  and makes my job to get content of them very easy as they’re always smiling!

Did you join us this summer? What was your favourite day trip?

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Our summer marketing intern, Bethan, tells us all about her time on the Oxford Summer Courses day trips.

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