My Experience Studying Law at OxSC, by Marit Schillinger


Date of Publication: 04 March 2020

One of our alumni, Marit reflects on his time studying Law in Oxford.


I’ll start with a quick introduction of myself: I am Marit, an 18-year-old student from Germany. Last year, I decided to apply for a law course with Oxford Summer Courses. I had always played with the thought of studying law at university, but this was my first time to really get to know the subject and to find out if it would suit me. Moreover, I was very keen to see Oxford.

I can remember the excitement of walking through the historic, busy streets of Oxford when I arrived very well: Every building seems to have its own unique story, and I was fascinated by the atmosphere.I was lucky enough to stay at Brasenose College, a very historic college right next to the iconic Radcliffe Camera in the heart of the city.

Entering the college from the buzz of the street was like stepping into a different world: The peaceful green quads surrounded by the old college walls along with the sudden calm immediately made me feel at ease and created a homely atmosphere. I quickly made friends with the other students on my staircase, who came from all around the world. Meal times were also a great opportunity to get to know other people, especially in the stunning dining hall of Brasenose College. As a Harry-Potter-fan, I was thrilled because the long tables and the wood panelled walls lined with portraits reminded me of Hogwarts. I couldn’t believe that I would get to stay at this gorgeous place for two full weeks, and I think that all the other students on my course agree with me when I say that the time went by way too fast.

During this time, I enjoyed studying several areas of law through seminars and tutorials, for example criminal law or human rights law. It was challenging and also involved a lot of independent studying, but that’s exactly why I loved it as it drew a realistic picture of the teaching style at Oxford University.

I took a lot more away from the course than I expected. My tutor was lovely, always willing to help and truly passionate about law. In addition, she was interested in our personalities and even helped me with my university applications after the summer course. We still keep in touch.

Despite the intensity of the course, there was more than enough time to get to know the city of Oxford. We had a lot of free time, which I used to see as many colleges as I could (each of them is unique!) and to go to a couple of museums and shops. Every day, we went to a different café or park and thus got to see a great variety of places. It was even more enjoyable to be able to discover Oxford with the new friends I made during the course. 

All in all, my time in Oxford was unforgettable and life-changing. I made the decision to pursue my plan to study law with a focus on international affairs at university. I learnt a lot in these two weeks, about law, about Oxford and about myself. In the end, it was very hard to leave. I can recommend a summer course like this  to anyone who would like to dive into a certain subject and to get a taste of the tutorial teaching style of the University of Oxford. It truly is an amazing chance!

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