Life on our courses, reflections by Lisa Sorokina


Date of Publication: 09 April 2019

Throughout my life I have had several memorable experiences and times, I have been lucky enough to travel to some fascinating places around the world, but nothing comes close to surpassing the two weeks I was fortunate enough to spend living in the beautiful city of Oxford.


When asked about my summer in Oxford, not one negative thought comes to mind. Amongst the vast array of subjects on offer, I had chosen to study medicine. The almost daily, indulging lectures we had, led by incredibly genuine and hard working Oxbridge teachers, ventured far beyond anything available to me in a high school setting. From investigating several different medical concepts to visiting the Oxford medical department, there was never a lecture which didn’t inspire me and at the same time challenge me, streamlining my passions and giving me a more focused idea of what I want to pursue in the future. I truly was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fully engulf myself in medicine, gaining a new level of understanding and respect for it.

Naturally, the course was not based solely around education. I found the two-week course to be the perfect balance of quality education and time to immerse myself in the city and spend time with people from all over the world. Waking up every morning, I never knew what to expect from the day – the only thing I, however, did know was that whatever we were doing would be amazing.

A typical day would begin with our chosen subjects lectures, followed by carefully catered activities, all which enhanced our Oxford experience; ranging from day trips outside of Oxford, to exploring the bustling streets of the town itself, to workshops, such as debate night, which made you step out of your comfort zone and work as a team with your new found friends. Collaboration was key when it came to workshops, with the diverse set of strengths and knowledge of each individual the times we spent working as a group were both insightful and fun, allowing us to grow our own individual skills as well as building bonds and trust with the people we were working with, all from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

One of the biggest parts of the experience for me was the diversity of people there coming from all over the world, and the opportunity I had to build lifelong bonds with them. The connections I made instantly replaced any feelings of uncertainty I had of flying halfway across the world to attend the course, as the people I met were some of the most diverse, kind and caring people- all whom I still am in contact with. To me, this is what Oxford Summer Courses is truly about; meeting new people and gaining the opportunity to enlighten about different cultures, traditions, and beliefs through your friendships with them.

And although at the end of the two weeks which I never wanted to end, I was dreading my flight home, the program left me terribly excited for what the future will have in store. With full confidence, I can promise you that the friendships you bridge and the memories you make will never be forgotten. But words cannot fully describe and encapture what the true essence of Oxford Summer Courses is like, so what are you waiting for? Go sign up and have the best summer of your life.



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