How Oxford Summer Courses Teaches Discipline and Time Management


Date of Publication: 30 January 2015

‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ has always been an important mantra of Oxford Summer Courses, and we believe it should be an important part of life! In order to maintain it however, it is important to have a strong work ethic, discipline and good time management. Our course is designed to help students develop these life-skills.

Each weekday begins with breakfast and registration at 8.30am and ends with dinner at 7pm, offering a clear framework for study during the workday.

Our weekly work set-up has a definite structure and timeline: seminars take place on Mondays and Tuesdays, individual research and completion of an essay or problem sheet or other set work on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and all their study culminates on Fridays with their tutorials.

All students have the same schedule which encourages them to support each other when working, to experiment with group and individual study, and to stick to their carefully outlined timetables.

A selection of workshops is offered alongside their private study such as an ‘essay-writing workshop’ where they can get advice and ask any questions about style, argument and structure.

In addition, a host of Oxford University taught staff are available around the clock to provide academic as well as pastoral support, whether to provide feedback on their work, debate or help students grasp specific points, or just to answer any questions they might have.

A variety of ‘play’ options are scheduled into the timetables whereby the clear separation of work and fun helps students compartmentalise and therefore to focus better. The workday ends with dinner and an evening activity whether it be a play, a quiz, punting on the river, debate night, karaoke or formal dinner and a themed ‘bop’.

Saturday is encouraged to be a day off, when we take a day trip, where Sunday can be tailored to each student; a variety of activities are run throughout the day from sports games, including Quidditch (!) to art exhibitions and shopping trips, and students can also use the time to get ahead on the week’s work.

Self-discipline is so important, and with Oxford Summer Courses students are able to develop that within the outline we provide.

Oxford Summer Courses can be a stepping-stone between school and university, or between university and professional life, where students can hone the skills and discipline they will need throughout academic and later life.

Find out more about our teaching methodologies here: Our Teaching

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