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How Did Bridgemark Begin?

We began Oxford Summer Courses in 2010 with a clear vision of its purpose: to share the magic of Oxford – the university and the city – with the world.  As Oxford University graduates, we both kept the Oxford experience at the centre of what was built: summer courses centred around exceptional education, formative cultural and social experiences, and the unique traditions of Oxford.

As Oxford Summer Courses grew, we listened to our students each summer. They suggested we develop courses in the city of Cambridge, mirroring our programme in Oxford. Our students also suggested we hold courses in India, bringing the Oxford experience abroad. We listened – launching courses in India in 2016, and in Cambridge in 2017. We were listening to students and parents when we launched courses for 10-12 year old students in 2017, held at the prestigious Wycombe Abbey boarding school in High Wycombe.

What’s Included in an Oxford Summer Course?

Our tailored summer courses for ages 9-24 include all teaching and academic content, accommodation, meals (including Friday night formal dinners), a prize-giving ceremony, all-day trips and activities, airport transfers, access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations, travel and medical insurance, and a welcome pack. Apply now to secure your spot in one of our comprehensive summer courses.

But we didn’t stop there. In 2018, we offered summer courses not only in Oxford, Cambridge, India, and Wycombe Abbey, but also in Stanford and in London. We also established a charity Universify Education to raise aspirations amongst disadvantaged students.

As we continued to grow each year, we felt we needed a new identity that better represents where we’re headed. After all, our offerings are no longer held only in Oxford and only reflective of the Oxford experience – our Cambridge course reflects the unique identity of Cambridge as the tech hub of the UK. Our offerings are no longer held only in the summer – we have launched courses at other times in the year as well. And we don’t only offer physical courses – we offer online learning experiences with expert tutors through our sister company, Melio.

So we have a new identity: Bridgemark.

What is Bridgemark? Bridgemark is a mark of quality, a promise to our alumni and future students that we will continue to offer academic programmes only of the highest calibre that create bridges between cultures, across continents, and between friends and networks.

The largest of our academic programmes is [Oxford Summer Courses]((https://oxfordsummercourses.com/). Our other offerings, which do not fall under the Oxford Summer Courses umbrella, are contained now under Bridgemark instead. This will allow us to launch new and innovative products and programmes in the future that may seem far afield from Oxford Summer Courses, but will provide exciting opportunities for our students and alumni.

Guiding our development is the passionate belief that in today's global and highly competitive world an excellent education is the best way to get ahead and we want to connect more knowledge-hungry people with exceptional academic experiences, not just in Oxford or Cambridge but all over the world.

We’ve always embraced the concept of never standing still. We’ll continue to innovate, and the Bridgemark brand will allow us to do so. We’re excited about all the opportunities this will grant us, and promise to continue listening to you and growing as a result.

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Oxford Summer Courses expanded to Cambridge, India, Wycombe Abbey, Stanford, and London. Now as Bridgemark, it offers high-quality academic programmes worldwide, bridging cultures. Exciting opportunities await for knowledge-hungry individuals.

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