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A Guide to Studying Architecture

Thinking of studying Architecture at university?

Architecture can be a rewarding yet challenging career path, requiring a total of seven years of training. To become a licensed architect in the UK, you'll begin with a five-year undergraduate degree recognized by the Architects Registration Board. University entry typically requires at least 5 GCSEs graded 9 to 4 and usually 3 A-Levels in a mix of creative and technical subjects.

After your degree, you'll undertake a further 12 months of work experience, followed by a two-year postgraduate degree. Subsequently, you'll need practical experience and a final examination to become a Chartered Architect through the Royal Institute of British Architects. Your university course provider will support you throughout this rigorous training process.

What are the best A-Levels to take for Architecture?

A successful architecture career demands both creativity and technical knowledge. Consider A-level subjects such as Art & Design, Design & Technology, Engineering, Further Mathematics, Mathematics, and Physics. International students may also need a high level of English proficiency. Entry requirements vary by university, so thorough research is essential before finalising your A-level choices.

Where can you study Architecture?

Lots of highly respected universities in the UK provide degrees recognized by the Architects Registration Board. The top 10 UK universities for Architecture, according to the Complete University Guide, include the University of Cambridge, University of Bath, and University of Sheffield, among others.

What to write in a personal statement for Architecture?

Your personal statement plays a crucial role when applying to study Architecture at a UK university. It should express your passion for architecture, future ambitions, and the skills that make you an ideal candidate for the course. Ensure it does not exceed 4000 characters in length, including spaces, UCAS have some great guidance on how to write your personal statement.

Is Architecture hard to study?

Studying Architecture is demanding and rated as one of the most challenging courses at university. It requires long hours, commitment, and a seven-year study period. The subject combines practical and theoretical aspects, so research and select a course that aligns with your interests and strengths.

Work experience as part of your Architecture training

Your architectural training includes two essential work experience placements. These placements not only contribute to your professional development but also offer insights into the industry. You can build a network of contacts, specialize your skills, and gain experience in various sectors and fields. Choose placements in architectural, design, construction firms, or related areas to shape your career path effectively.

What can I do with an Architecture degree?

Upon earning your Chartered Architect certification, you have numerous career options to explore, including roles such as Architect, Architectural Technologist, Building Surveyor, and more. Gain work experience in various roles to determine your preferred career direction.


Architecture combines creativity and academic rigor, making it a perfect profession for those who enjoy both aspects. With a seven-year training period, including university and work experience, you'll master technical expertise and design skills. While demanding, a career in architecture can be highly rewarding, both in satisfaction and remuneration, offering diverse job opportunities aligned with your interests.

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Considering Architecture? Guide covers training, workload, exams, entry requirements, A-levels, universities, personal statement, work experience, career paths. Explore Architecture with our summer school.

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