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A Guide to Teaching Methodologies at Oxford Summer Courses

Embarking on a journey with Oxford Summer Courses transcends traditional academics; it's an immersive encounter designed to shape your summer into a memorable chapter of learning and personal growth. With a commitment to making the magic of Oxford and Cambridge accessible to all, our teaching methodologies draw inspiration from these esteemed universities. Ready to explore the details of teaching at Oxford Summer Courses? Apply Now and let's dive into the educational journey that awaits.

1. Are you affiliated with the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge or any of their constituent colleges?

  • No, we are not affiliated with any of these institutions. However, our founders were educated at Oxford University, and we believe in providing the opportunity for anyone to experience the best of British academia. Our teaching is inspired by the methodologies used at the University of Oxford and Cambridge, and depending on your course, you may study within their walls or at world-renowned British boarding schools.

2. Is there a minimum academic standard?

  • Our tutors can support students of all abilities. All we ask is for a genuine passion for your chosen subject and a sufficiently good level of written and spoken English. Your personal statement submitted during the application process allows you to showcase your enthusiasm, previous experience, and interest in your subject.

3, Are all your tutors Oxford and Cambridge academics?

  • Many of our tutors are academics from Oxford and Cambridge with experience in seminar and tutorial methods. For the 9-12 and 13-15 age groups, tutors are required to have significant and relevant teaching experience or a teaching qualification.

4. What can I expect from the teaching methods you will use?

Oxford & Cambridge Summer Courses – learning for ages 16-17, 18-24

  • Experience highly effective seminar and tutorial methods. Work directly with a tutor during seminars and submit independent work between sessions. Tutorials provide an opportunity to delve deeper into your topic, emphasizing self-directed learning. Masterclasses enhance skills beyond academics.

Oxford & Cambridge Summer Courses – small-group learning for ages 13-15

  • Work within small groups for interactive and practical teaching sessions. Homework and study time build on class work, and workshops enhance skills for present education and future careers.

Juniors Programme – small-class teaching for ages 9-12

  • Enjoy small class sizes, learning in diverse and engaging ways. Participate in activity workshops, some academic, and some play-based, fostering collaboration and skill development.

5. Do I gain credits at my school/university for completing a course with Oxford Summer Courses?

  • As a general rule, our courses are not credit-bearing, except for our 18-24 courses recognised in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and mainland Europe. We provide transcripts to support credit recognition, but individual requirements vary between institutions.

6. What certificate do I gain by completing Oxford Summer Courses?

  • Receive a certificate issued by Oxford Summer Courses, stating your name, subject, and course dates. Signed by our founders, the certificate, along with written feedback from your tutor, serves as a reference. These documents are not from the University of Oxford or any of the colleges.

7. How are the teaching methodologies at Oxford Summer Courses adapted to suit different learning styles and abilities among students?

Oxford Summer Courses prides itself on its adaptive teaching methodologies designed to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. Tutors are trained to employ various instructional strategies, including interactive seminars, practical workshops, and self-directed learning opportunities, to accommodate the individual needs of students. Additionally, small-group settings allow for personalised attention and support, ensuring that each student can thrive academically.

8. Are there any opportunities for hands-on or practical learning experiences incorporated into the teaching methods, particularly for courses focused on STEM subjects or creative disciplines?

Yes, Oxford Summer Courses integrates hands-on and practical learning experiences into its teaching methods, particularly for courses in STEM subjects and creative disciplines. Students engage in interactive workshops, laboratory sessions, and project-based activities that provide practical applications of theoretical concepts. These experiences not only deepen understanding but also foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

9. Can students expect any form of ongoing support or resources after completing a course with Oxford Summer Courses to further their academic or career pursuits?

Oxford Summer Courses is committed to providing ongoing support and resources to students beyond the completion of their courses. Alumni have access to a range of benefits, including networking opportunities, mentorship programmes, and exclusive educational resources. Additionally, our team remains available to offer guidance and assistance to alumni as they navigate their academic and career pathways.


As you prepare for your Oxford Summer Courses educational journey, rest assured that our teaching methodologies are crafted to enrich your learning experience. If you have more questions or need further assistance, our team is here for you. Get ready for a summer of learning, discovery, and lasting memories with Oxford Summer Courses!

Ready to embark on this transformative summer adventure? Apply Now and make your Oxford Summer experience a reality!

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