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A Guide to Safety and Privacy at Oxford Summer Courses

Embarking on a summer school adventure with Oxford Summer Courses means not only enriching your mind but also prioritizing your safety and privacy. Our commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment is unwavering. Ready to explore the safety measures and privacy considerations at Oxford Summer Courses? Apply Now and let's delve into the details that ensure your well-being.

1. What measures do you take to care for the safety of all students?

At Oxford Summer Courses, the safety and well-being of our students are paramount. Our on-course (pastoral) team is meticulously selected, well-trained, and available 24/7 to ensure a positive experience. Adhering to UK school standards and regularly inspected by the British Accreditation Council, we maintain security-controlled accommodation sites. Staff members, residing among students with gender-separated bedrooms, accompany students to classes, activities, and mealtimes. Regular registrations and checks ensure a secure environment.

2. What are on-course (pastoral) staff to student ratios?

We uphold a strict pastoral staff-to-student ratio throughout each summer school course, ensuring comprehensive supervision. Ratios vary slightly between courses and age groups; contact our admissions team for course-specific details. Supervision levels are activity-dependent, with all activities undergoing rigorous risk assessments.

3. Will students be allowed to go out on their own during the course?

Free time permits students aged 13-24 to explore the local area under specific safety rules. Supervised by age, students can venture out in groups or pairs, adhering to designated durations. Younger students (9-12) always have staff members accompanying them.

4. What happens if I get sick during the course?

While we hope for a healthy experience, if illness occurs, our staff ensures access to medical services. The on-course team and House Parents provide proper care. In case of illness, we inform parents, keep them updated, and strive to maintain the academic program. Early course termination due to illness is not refundable, but insurance coverage may apply.

5. How will you use my data?

Compliance with the UK Data Protection Bill and EU General Data Protection Regulation is our priority. We collect data to process applications and cater to your summer school requirements. Relevant data is shared with our college partners. Your consent is crucial, allowing us to use your data and contact details. You have the option to opt out or manage future communications. Learn more about data protection in our privacy policy.

6. Will you take my photograph?

Photography consent is respected; you can opt out of marketing photos during onboarding. Photos taken for marketing are deleted if unused. Course blogs may feature activity images, shared with parents for reassurance and enjoyment.

7. Are there any specific procedures in place for handling emergencies or crises that occur outside of the controlled environment, such as during off-site excursions or in the event of a natural disaster?

Oxford Summer Courses has comprehensive procedures in place to address emergencies or crises that occur outside of the controlled environment. While specifics may vary depending on the nature of the emergency, our staff is trained to handle various situations effectively. Additionally, we conduct regular risk assessments and collaborate with local authorities and emergency services to ensure swift and appropriate responses to any unforeseen events.

9. Regarding the sharing of students' personal data with college partners, how does Oxford Summer Courses ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as the UK Data Protection Bill and EU General Data Protection Regulation?

Oxford Summer Courses prioritises compliance with data protection regulations such as the UK Data Protection Bill and EU General Data Protection Regulation. Data collected is used solely for processing applications and fulfilling summer school requirements, with relevant information shared only with authorised college partners as necessary. Students' consent is paramount, allowing us to use their data and contact details appropriately. Detailed information about data protection practices is available in our privacy policy to ensure transparency and safeguard students' privacy throughout the process.

9. What measures does Oxford Summer Courses implement to ensure the safety and privacy of students when interacting with external parties, such as local businesses or guest speakers?

Oxford Summer Courses implements measures to ensure the safety and privacy of students when interacting with external parties, such as local businesses or guest speakers. Prior to any engagements, thorough vetting processes are conducted to verify the credibility and integrity of external parties. Additionally, clear guidelines and protocols are established to govern interactions and maintain students' safety and privacy. Our staff closely monitor and supervise such interactions to ensure compliance with established standards and to promptly address any concerns that may arise.


Your safety, privacy, and overall well-being are fundamental at Oxford Summer Courses. If you have further questions or need assistance, our team is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind. Get ready for a summer of learning, discovery, and lasting memories with Oxford Summer Courses.

Ready to embark on this secure and enriching summer journey? Apply Now and make your Oxford Summer experience a reality.

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