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English Literature Review of Oxford Summer Courses

Laia Sitjes, a past student of Oxford Summer Courses, recently had the opportunity to delve into the world of English Literature and immerse herself in the works of some of the most celebrated authors in history during her time at Oxford Summer School. In this English literature review, Laia shares her experiences and reflections from her time studying at one of the world's most renowned academic institutions, Oxford Summer Courses. She provides a unique insight into what it was like to study English Literature at this prestigious programme. Whether you're a student considering applying to study at Oxford Summer Courses or Oxford Summer School, or simply have a passion for English Literature, this article will offer valuable insights and inspiration. So, join us as Laia takes us on her journey through her experiences studying at Oxford Summer Courses.

English Literature and Creative Writing Review

I attended the Oxford summer school offered by Oxford Summer Courses last year, and to be frank, it was the best decision of my life. I know throwing around such a weighty statement might make my words seem exaggerated, but I can honestly attest that I have been and continue to be so grateful for the opportunity I was given a year ago by enrolling in the English Literature & Creative Writing course. It not only nourished my mind and literary capabilities in a skilful, adept way but also provided me with the possible resources, time, and guidance to immerse myself in literature and refine my craft. This experience was truly an English literature review of the highest caliber. Moreover, the program allowed me to open myself up to numerous cultures and mindsets as I formed bonds with people from all over the globe, who I still consider great friends.

Being educated in the unique method for which Oxford University is renowned - through the use of tutorials and a small group of peers - was a thrilling and insightful opportunity. It granted me deeper knowledge of the inner workings and academic systems of such a prestigious university, solidified my desire to attend Oxford University, and also aided in the ingraining of many of the skills I was being taught in a swift, in-depth manner. My wonderful tutor at Oxford Summer Courses touched upon many of the nooks and crannies in the literature that teachers at my school had merely skimmed over or forgone entirely. They took great care to ensure that I and my peers had access to an unparalleled quality of teaching, surpassing any sort of learning that I had ever been exposed to before.

Along with my studies, the independence I slowly but surely built up in the two weeks was one of the most valuable lessons I took away from Oxford Summer Courses, and it aided me immensely when beginning my first year of high school and venturing deeper into the murky waters of near-adulthood. In short, I would not be the person I am today without the immeasurable value of my time at Oxford Summer Courses.

However, despite learning so much in the mere span of two weeks, I still hunger for more of the high-level knowledge, tutoring, and tailored advice that I know can be found in abundance at Oxford Summer Courses, though only for the teenagers who grasp the opportunity and refuse to let it slip from their fingers. The chance to attend this course would be one I would truly cherish and appreciate, and it is one which I have been dreaming of from the very moment I left Lady Margaret Hall with the sure intention of returning.

To find me once more in the academic and historical marvel of the dreaming city of spires, surrounded by the words of Wilde and Tolkien and Plath, and provided with the ability to converse with other like-minded, amazing people on my favourite topics would be an honour, and one I would wholeheartedly enjoy.

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Laia Sitjes shares her experience studying English Literature at Oxford Summer Courses, praising the teaching, global friendships, and personal growth. Apply for an unforgettable academic journey in English Literature and Creative Writing.

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