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Best Oxford Harry Potter Locations for Students

As students embark on the enchanting journey of Oxford Summer Courses, they'll soon discover that the magic of Harry Potter isn't confined to the pages of J.K. Rowling's books. The City of Oxford, with its ancient halls and mystical charm, provides a magical backdrop for exploring the wizarding world. In this guide, we'll unravel the secrets and delights that await aspiring witches and wizards during their free time amidst the enchantment of Oxford Summer Courses.

1. Christ Church: A Spellbinding Setting

Step into the magical realm at Christ Church, a cornerstone of Oxford's enchantment. The Great Hall, with its towering ceiling and long wooden tables, served as inspiration for Hogwarts' grand dining hall. As you traverse the Cloisters and quadrangles, you'll find echoes of scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Explore the intricacies of this historic college, where magic and academia seamlessly intertwine. Don't miss the enchanting Bodley Staircase, known to Harry Potter fans as the "Harry Potter staircase," adding an extra touch of wizarding wonder to your visit.

2. Bodleian Library: Wizarding Wisdom

Enter the Bodleian Library, a sacred sanctuary of knowledge that evokes the magic of Hogwarts' library. Although you won't encounter the Restricted Section, the Divinity School, with its stunning fan-vaulted ceiling, doubled as the Hogwarts Infirmary in the films. Wander through the stacks and soak in the ambiance that inspired generations of wizards and witches. Duke Humfrey’s Library, another part of the Bodleian, also played a role in the wizarding world and is a must-visit for Harry Potter enthusiasts.

3. New College: Magical Maze of Greenery

Embark on a journey through the magical maze of greenery at New College. The Cloisters and Gardens served as the backdrop for several iconic moments in the Harry Potter films. The ancient walls whisper tales of centuries gone by, making it a must-visit for any aspiring wizard seeking to immerse themselves in the enchanting charm of Oxford. Explore the college's picturesque Courtyard and Tree, which adds to the magical ambiance.

4. The Divinity School, Bodleian Library: Spellbinding Architecture

Visit the Divinity School within the Bodleian Library, renowned for its spellbinding architecture. This location served as the setting for Hogwarts' Infirmary in the films. Marvel at the intricate details and imagine yourself in the midst of magical healing moments from the wizarding world.

5. The Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College: Romanticized in Magic

Cross the iconic Bridge of Sighs at Hertford College, a picturesque location that, while not directly featured in the films, captures the romanticized essence of magical academia. Stroll along the charming passageway and let the whimsical atmosphere transport you to a world where wizardry and wonder intertwine.

6. Botanic Garden: Herbology Haven

Embark on a herbology haven at the Botanic Garden, where magical plants come to life. While not explicitly from the wizarding world, the garden's diverse flora may stir the imagination of aspiring wizards. Wander through themed sections, discovering the beauty of nature that mirrors the enchanting landscapes of magical realms.

7. The Story Museum: Literary Magic Unleashed

Explore The Story Museum, a haven where literary magic comes alive. While not directly related to Harry Potter, this interactive museum celebrates storytelling in all its forms. Engage with exhibits that evoke the enchantment of beloved tales, creating a delightful experience for literature enthusiasts.


In the midst of Oxford's historic halls and hidden corners, the magic of Harry Potter becomes a tangible experience. As students immerse themselves in the academic excellence of Oxford Summer Courses, let the wizarding wonders of the city be a magical complement to their educational journey. Whether exploring iconic filming locations or experiencing the literary magic that permeates Oxford's atmosphere, the enchantment of Harry Potter awaits at every turn.

Additional Tips:

  • Check for any Harry Potter-themed events or tours offered in Oxford.
  • Embrace the opportunity to explore the city's magical side during your free time.
  • Capture your own magical moments at these enchanting locations.
  • Be sure to check for entrance fees, opening hours, age restrictions, and any special conditions for each location to plan your visit effectively. Some sites may have specific guidelines or requirements, so it's crucial to be well-informed before embarking on your magical exploration. Always prioritise your safety and adhere to any guidelines set by the venues you plan to explore.

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Embark on a magical journey with Oxford Summer Courses as we unveil the Harry Potter wonders of Oxford. Explore iconic filming locations, from Christ Church to the Bodleian Library, and immerse yourself in the wizarding world's enchantment. Apply now for an educational adventure filled with both academic excellence and magical exploration.

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