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Best Oxford Book Shops for Students

Oxford, a city steeped in intellectual tradition, offers a literary haven for students at Oxford Summer Courses, creating a rich tapestry of literary exploration during the summer school. Amidst the scholarly pursuits, bookshops stand as portals to worlds of imagination. Let's delve into the top bookshops, inviting students to explore the pages of literature during their free time with Oxford Summer Courses.

1. Blackwell's Bookshop: Literary Legacy on Broad Street

Nestled on historic Broad Street, Blackwell's Bookshop is a literary landmark. Boasting a vast selection across genres, it provides students with a treasure trove of books, from academic texts to contemporary fiction. Immerse yourself in the literary legacy of this iconic bookshop.

2. Waterstones: A Literary Retreat in the Heart of Oxford

Situated in the heart of the city, Waterstones offers a serene escape for book lovers. With cosy reading nooks and a diverse collection, it's a perfect spot to peruse the latest releases or discover timeless classics during your leisurely afternoons.

3. The Last Bookshop: Curated Finds in Jericho

For those seeking hidden gems, The Last Bookshop in Jericho is a must-visit. This independent gem curates a unique collection, celebrating the charm of second-hand books. Uncover literary treasures in this quaint corner of Oxford.

4. Daunt Books - Summertown: Literary Exploration in Summertown

Daunt Books in Summertown offers a unique literary experience. Occupying 1800 square feet, this branch, located at 249 Banbury Road, Summertown, is a former bank premises restored to house a diverse collection. Founded by James Daunt, it's part of a chain of bookshops known for specializing in travel books since 1912.

5. Oxfam Bookshop St Giles: Literary Philanthropy in St Giles

Explore the Oxfam Bookshop in St Giles for a blend of literary finds and philanthropy. Situated in the heart of the city, it attracts volunteers, donors, and customers from the thriving University community. With a two-storey shop, it offers a wide selection of academic and foreign language books. Sir John Mortimer officially opened it in 1987, and it celebrated its 21st birthday two decades later.

6. Gulp! Fiction Books: Literary Discoveries Await in the Covered Market

Dive into a world of fiction at Gulp! Fiction Books, an indie bookshop in the Covered Market. Also serving as a coffee house and bar, it provides a unique experience with a wonderful selection of new and used books. Enjoy barista-made coffee, craft beer, speciality wine, and cocktails. Regular events make it a vibrant spot to work, have fun, shop for books, or hang out with friends.

7. The Story Museum Shop: Literary Souvenirs and Beyond

Adjacent to The Story Museum, The Story Museum Shop is a unique bookish destination. Explore a curated collection of literary souvenirs, children's books, and quirky gifts. It's a delightful spot to find a piece of Oxford's literary charm to take home.


n the midst of Oxford's historic spires and cobblestone streets, these bookshops beckon students to embark on literary adventures. As you engage in the academic rigour of Oxford Summer Courses, let these bookish havens be your guide to the realms of knowledge, imagination, and storytelling during the summer school.

Additional Tips:

  • Check for bookshop events, author signings, and student discounts.
  • Embrace the joy of browsing shelves and discovering new titles.
  • Support independent bookshops to contribute to Oxford's vibrant literary community.

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bold textDiscover Oxford's literary treasures with Oxford Summer Courses. Explore iconic bookshops like Blackwell's and The Last Bookshop, inviting students to delve into realms of knowledge and imagination. Apply now for a summer of learning, exploration, and unforgettable experiences in one of the world's most intellectually rich cities.

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