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Applying to Oxford Summer Courses: What Will Make You a Great Oxford Summer Courses Student?

Each year, we receive thousands of applications from students around the world, all looking to embark on an exciting learning experience with us in the summer. As part of this, we often receive queries from students about how to apply to our summer courses, including further information on how to fill out the application form. 

The best thing to know is that applying to Oxford Summer Courses simply couldn’t be easier. Just head to our apply form (applications are free to submit), complete our short application and hit ‘Submit!’ 

However, if you still have questions about how to apply, then read below for a more detailed overview, including a run-down of all the steps involved in the process.

Step 1: Choose your course

Here at Oxford Summer Courses, we’re all about sharing elite university experiences with as many students from around the world as possible. 

That’s why we have over 40 academic summer courses for you to choose from, available for ages 9-to-24 years old. Plus, with courses available in three distinct university cities: Oxford, Cambridge and London - there’s something for everyone to enjoy with us.

So, one of the first (and possibly hardest) steps you need to take when applying for a summer course with us is actually choosing a course. You can take a look at the courses we have available here, and filter by age and location. 

If you find that you’re torn between two subjects or even multiple locations then fear not - we’ve got you covered. As part of our application form, you have the option to extend your stay with us and study an additional subject or in a different location. So, if you’re facing this dilemma, make a note of the courses that interest you and keep hold of them for later.

Step 2: Go to apply form

Now you have an idea of what you want to study with us, the next step in the application process is pretty simple - navigate to our apply form. 

This can be done either by clicking on the big orange button in the upper right corner of our website which says ‘APPLY,’ or by inputting the following link into your browser: https://oxfordsummercourses.com/apply

Step 3: Complete Section 1

Once you have accessed our apply form, Section 1 will need to be completed. Here, we will ask for some key information about you and the course you are interested in applying for. The information we ask for includes:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your chosen subject: The summer course you wish to apply for. If you are interested in studying two different subjects, you can input this information later on - please list your first preference here.
  • Location of the subject: The city in which you would like to study your chosen subject (please note: only locations where your subject is available will be displayed here).
  • Accommodation option: Depending on your age and the location option you have selected, you may have the option to choose between a shared bathroom or an ensuite (at an additional cost). Please select your preferred option here.
  • Date of your summer course: Based on the above information, we will provide you with a list of available dates for your summer course. Please select the date which best suits you.

Step 4: Complete Section 2

Once you have completed Section 1 and provided us with information about the course you are applying to, the next section asks you to provide some personal details about yourself, including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Current school/college/university
  • What will make you a great Oxford Summer Courses student? See below for further information on this section.

What will make you a great Oxford Summer Courses student?

As part of your application process, you will need to write a short statement about yourself, outlining your interest in our summer school and your chosen subject, explaining why you would be a great student to attend one of our academic courses. 

Please note that there is no right or wrong answer to this question - it’s entirely down to your interpretation and what you want to include in the answer. We review applications on a case by case basis and look to welcome a diverse range of students to our summer courses - all of whom have different interests, academic backgrounds, and reasons for wanting to study with us. 

With that being said, if you are stuck on ideas of what to include in your statement, you may want to include some of the following points in your answer (if relevant to you), to provide more information about your previous experiences and share more information about yourself.

You love to learn in small, interactive classes

The tutorial methodology of teaching lies at the heart of the Oxford Summer Courses learning experience - and is the reason why the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge are renowned for their academic excellence.

At Oxford Summer Courses, we adopt two specific learning session types to introduce you to this more immersive learning environment: seminars and tutorials (for ages 16+). 

Seminars are small classes which you’ll have most days, where you and your fellow students will have lessons led by one of our expert tutors. They are smaller than what you’ll be used to in school and the content will be tailored around additional reading and independent study which you are expected to have completed outside of class, allowing for more discussion-based learning. 

For students who are aged 16 and over, you will also benefit from weekly tutorials between you and your tutor, and possibly one or two other students. This rather personalised, small group learning method allows students and tutor to take a deep dive into the subject they’re learning about; exchanging ideas, debating opinions and getting underneath the surface of the subject matter. It can be an intense academic setting, where the focus is predominantly on you and your ideas, but it’s also a great way for you to gain confidence and build your academic foundations.

The skills and knowledge you can gain from this rigorous teaching methodology will stay with you throughout your further educational ventures and long into your career - and is one of the things that often draws many students to our courses - an authentic taste of an Oxbridge education.

You want to learn more about UK university life

We pride ourselves on delivering authentic student learning experiences in some of the UK’s most elite university cities: Oxford and Cambridge.

As part of this, we have created a summer school programme built around the world-renowned educational system which has led these two cities to become recognised as the best in the world. When you join us, you can expect small classes taught by our expert tutors, accommodation in the same university colleges as term-time students, tutorial sessions (for students aged 16+), as well as a range of local social and cultural activities to immerse you in the student way of living. 

This is your chance to learn more about what studying in the UK at a top university could be like, as well as giving you an opportunity to experience life away from home in a new city or environment. Many of our on-course staff are also local students who study at these universities during their term-time, and will also be happy to share tips and experiences about both the admissions process and everyday student living.

If you’re looking for a summer school experience that can offer you a slice of authenticity, both inspiring and helping you narrow down your future options, then you may want to consider including this as part of your application. 

You are passionate about a particular subject

When looking at a student’s application, our admissions advisors want to know why you’re interested in studying a particular subject with us. This is especially important on popular courses like Law, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Physics, where we receive a high number of applications for these particular summer courses.

For us, there’s nothing more magnificent than when a student with a genuine passion for a subject joins us for an immersive learning experience with our tutors. More specifically, during tutorial learning sessions (for students who are aged 16 and over), you truly see something magical when a tutor and student dissect and discuss a subject in detail, and a student leaves our courses feeling inspired to go away and learn more.

If you’re interested in attending one of our courses to learn lots and be inspired about a particular subject, then definitely remember to include a point around this during the application process.

You’re an eager learner

As the name suggests, an academic summer course is built around an enriching learning experience - and students applying to study with us should be prepared to immerse themselves into their learning environment and learn lots from their tutors.

In terms of our teaching hours, you can expect to spend lots of time either in seminar classes, tutorials (ages 16+), skills workshops, or independent study sessions. Of course, there is lots of opportunity to embark on socio-cultural activities in your free time, as well as a formal dinner on each Friday of your course. But overall, students who join our summer courses should be prepared to launch themselves into their academia. It’s the best way to ensure you learn lots while studying with us. 

You want to learn from expert tutors

We’re proud to work with an inspiring group of expert tutors, many of whom have either studied or taught at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Each and every one of them are extremely passionate about the subject that they teach and are eager to share their knowledge with you for an immersive learning experience.

For students looking to gain a depth of knowledge about their chosen subject and learn from some of the best experts in the industry, then a summer course with us is your ideal destination. 

You’re interested in trying new experiences

One of the things that make Oxford Summer Courses such a rewarding experience for students is the fact that they are joined by an enthusiastic group of students, who are all eager to learn new things and try new experiences.

And what better way to try something new than to visit a new city, study in a renowned university setting, meet new students from all over the world and immerse yourself in a subject and/or learning experience that’s completely different from anything you have done before! 

We love to hear about the enthusiasm of our students and their interest in wanting to sample the Oxford Summer Courses experience. If you’re looking for a new learning challenge this summer and the chance to explore a new socio-cultural environment, then be sure to include this on your application so we know what type of student you are. 

Please note: The qualities we’ve outlined above are suggestions only and you should always express reasons that are true to you in your application. We take students from a range of academic backgrounds and learning interests, and always review applications on a case by case basis. 

Step 5: Complete Section 3 (optional)

If you want to extend your learning period with us, either because you want to learn more about another subject or simply because you want to experience a new location, then this is your opportunity to tell us.

Based on the course information you have provided in Section 1, you’ll now be able to select any available summer courses either before or after your current selection, allowing you to build the course around your interests.

Simply click on the option that suits you best, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Step 6: Review and submit!

Fortunately, the final step when completing your application form is possibly the easiest. Make sure you review all the information you have entered into your application, especially those all-important contact details. 

Be sure to read through our Terms & Conditions, course rules and Privacy Policy - we’ll need you to tick a box to confirm that you have done this too.

Finally, when you’re happy with your entry and ready to submit, simply click the ‘Submit Application’ button. 

Once we have received the application, our admissions team will then review your application using the information you have provided and contact you with regards to the outcome.

If you are successful in gaining a place to study with us, further information on how to secure your place with a deposit and answer any queries you may have about the course, travel, accommodation, or anything else will be sent to you once your application has been approved.

Apply today to secure your place

Now you have a better understanding of our summer courses and how to submit an application to study with us, it’s time to browse our summer courses and reserve your place by submitting an application to study with us.

You can apply now by clicking here. Alternatively, if you still have questions about our courses, you can contact our admissions team to speak directly with one of our advisors. 

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