Applying to a Russell Group University As An International Student – by Max Humpston


Date of Publication: 14 January 2020

Our schools partnerships manager, Max Humpston, offers a helpful guide on applying to Russell Group universities for international students, including the renowned University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.


Applying to a Russell Group university in the UK – the top 24 institutions which includes Oxford and Cambridge – is the goal for many international students around the world, and the popularity of studying in the UK for higher education is ever increasing, and will continue to rise over the coming years. 

Although the dream for many, the process of applying, and what life might be like once here in the UK might seem a daunting prospect. This article will look to provide a broad overview of the application process and dive a little deeper into what to consider when preparing to come and study in the UK. 


How can I get into Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group Universities?

Every student, whether domestic or international, must firstly complete an application through UCAS, of which you have 5 choices. This process is done online and starts in early September and for anyone specifically wanting to apply to Oxford or Cambridge this must be completed by mid-October. The deadline for most other UK courses is in January, with cut off time to reply to offers in the months of May, June and July. 


What happens when I receive my offer?

Once you have received an offer from your chosen university, there are a host of things to consider as an international student to fully prepare yourself for moving to the UK. These include whether you have a valid and up to date passport to apply for your Tier 4 Student Visa, how you will manage your money and what type of accommodation you will be staying in (private or halls of residence). The tuition fees for EU students is the same for domestic students however those outside the EU, fees can vary quite a bit and is very much dependent on your subject and university. You must also be able to provide sufficient evidence that you are able to support yourself throughout the duration of your studies.    

Once you have ticked off all the requirements and are ready to embark on your new adventure in the UK, the benefits of studying at one of the Russell Group universities are numerous. These include; a truly global network of alumni; the possibility of work placements; global internships and a degree that is recognised by employers all over the world – leading to high quality post-graduate opportunities wherever you choose to go. There are also significant cultural and social benefits due to the diversity of students from all over the world.

For further reading on applying to Russell Group universities, the UCAS website is an excellent source for a more detailed breakdown.

Or, if you would like an informal chat about applications and admissions to UK universities please email; or call on +44 (0)7848 841 940 

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