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Studying Law with Oxford Summer Courses: Ainta's Story

Ainta, who studied with us in 2017, talks to us about her time on Oxford Summer Courses, what she's up to now at university, as well as what her plans for the future are.

Hello everyone, my name is Ainta and I am an LLB candidate currently attending the second year of my studies at the University of Surrey. I am excited to share my experiences with you about the great time I had attending a Law summer course in Oxford a few years ago.

While studying History and Social Sciences at school I got captivated by the dynamic nature of Law, how legislation adapts to every major social development and at the same time is able to trigger significant events that shape the future. Oxford Summer courses offered me a unique opportunity to familiarise with and acquire knowledge about the field of legal studies and confirm that my choice to study a Law summer course was right.

The excellent quality of tuition enabled me to develop a sound understanding of European Union law, which was very beneficial when participating and organising events of the European Youth Parliament of which I am a member. The structure of the course that combined seminars, tutorials and independent research, realistically captured how courses are delivered at an undergraduate level and consisted a great way to prepare for my university studies.

In addition, Oxford Summer Courses have achieved a balance between academic and social activities. Everyone was welcoming and approachable and I had the chance to meet students from all over the world and make lasting friendships. We explored the wonderful city of Oxford and went on day trips to a variety of destinations including London, Bath, and Windsor.

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Since then, I have visited Oxford several times and I have decided to apply to the University of Oxford for a second degree in Mathematics after my graduation from Law School to cultivate the interest I have in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In fact I am reading Law and preparing for my second degree application through classes in Mathematics and Further Mathematics simultaneously. This may seem incompatible with the steps I have taken so far academically and professionally. Nonetheless, I believe that specialising in different fields is of pivotal importance. It is evident that the most challenging issues the world currently faces call for an interdisciplinary response, which highlights the interconnectedness between various areas of study.

Overall, I had an amazing time in Oxford. I would highly recommend the courses, and I believe they can have a positive and multidimensional impact on every student.

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Ainta, a University of Surrey LLB candidate, discusses her Oxford Summer Courses experience. The Law summer course affirmed her passion for legal studies, prepared her for university, and fostered lasting friendships. Apply for summer 2023 to explore subjects and make connections.

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