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A Guide to Our Junior Courses

Open to students between the ages of 9-12, our junior courses offer a taste of British boarding school experience and the ultimate summer adventure. Through residential living, interactive learning sessions and exciting extracurricular activities and day trips, our courses are designed to help students flourish in their academia, explore subjects that they are curious to learn more about, as well as help them to build on a range of soft skills such as creativity, confidence, communication and so many more! 

With courses running at a week in length, students can choose to extend their stay with us by exploring more than one subject or one location - it’s just one of the ways we can help to provide the summer of a lifetime.

What are the highlights of our junior courses?

Discover the very best British boarding school experience

During their stay, students will reside in a prestigious British boarding school in Oxford, the Dragon School.

Founded in 1877, Dragon School was started by a group of Oxford University alumni for their own children. Today, it is one of the leading Prep schools in the UK educating boys and girls from 4-13 years old. With a focus on the belief that children should enjoy school and understand the world around them, Dragon School values itself as a vibrant, happy and aspirational school; promoting a love of learning, breadth of opportunity and a strong sense of community and fun.

A unique summer opportunity, students will stay in boarding rooms that are used during the term time. While they will have their own space to relax in, all teaching and meals will be within the grounds, fostering a familial environment where students are encouraged to mix with classmates and new friends.

Gaining an authentic taste of boarding school life, students will also combine class time with a range of extracurricular activities on-site - such as swimming and other sports sessions - to give them a rounded experience.

Expert teaching

Designed to prepare students to excel in their future studies, our highly trained teaching staff aim to inspire students through interactive learning sessions. Using a mix of multimedia presentations, problem-solving tasks, group and project work, our immersive teaching style helps students to rapidly develop their subject knowledge, as well as many other essential soft skills such as debating, communication and confidence.

Outstanding locations

As already mentioned, students will be staying in boarding houses in the Dragon School, Oxford. A secure and safe site for students to thrive in, it's surrounded by lush greenery and play fields for them to while away an afternoon.

Students will be staying in secure dormitories in the Boarding Houses close to the main school buildings. Each House has space for play, quiet relaxation and for sharing TV and DVD viewing. Bedrooms are cosy, shared amongst course mates, with staff available 24/7 in the corridors nearby.

Exciting subjects to try

We are very pleased to offer students a range of exciting subjects that they can choose to study with us. These include:

Stuck on choosing just one? No problem! When submitting an application, to study with us, you can add additional courses onto your child's start date so they can extend their stay.

Global friendships

We welcome passionate students from all over the world to join us on our junior programme. It’s the perfect opportunity for students to make lots of new friends, many of whom share similar interests, and create a supportive familial environment. 

Dedicated pastoral staff and security

Our dedicated and friendly team of staff have received extensive training and are available to offer support and care when students need it. Living on-site with students, staff will be on-hand to help 24/7 and trained to deal with any issues which could arise. 

Both Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies’ College are also extremely secure sites, surrounded by plenty of woodland and secure access. So students and parents can rest assured that they will have the safety and support necessary to flourish on their summer adventure.

Want to find out more? Contact our admissions team to request more information about our junior courses. Or you can click on any of the links above to be directed to our junior course pages.

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A summer adventure like no other for 9-12 year-olds. Find out everything there is to know about our junior courses in our latest article.

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