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A Guide to Applications and Policies at Oxford Summer Courses

Embarking on a journey with Oxford Summer Courses is not just an academic endeavour; it's an immersive experience designed to shape your summer into a memorable chapter of learning and personal growth. We understand that you may have questions about the application process and policies, and we're here to provide clarity. Ready to take the first step? Apply Now and let's explore the FAQs that will guide you through the intricacies of joining Oxford Summer Courses.

1. Can I study more than one course?

Absolutely! Many students opt for back-to-back courses, with the flexibility to apply directly for multiple courses. This approach allows you to delve into diverse subjects and make the most of your summer learning experience.

2. How do I reserve my place?

Securing your spot is a simple process. Click the 'Apply' button on our website, and you'll be directed to our user-friendly application form. For specific age-group courses, you can conveniently pay the deposit and/or balance during the application process through our secure Flywire payment system. It's important to note that while paying upon application doesn't guarantee immediate acceptance, our dedicated Admissions team thoroughly reviews all applications for academic suitability.

3. When will I receive more details on the course?

The anticipation builds after your application is accepted and the deposit is paid. Our Student Services team takes charge at this point, ensuring you receive a comprehensive Welcome Pack. This pack is your gateway to more insights about your course, including introductions to fellow students, a glimpse into your timetable, and information on where your course sessions will be held.

4. What if I have special requirements?

Your comfort and well-being matter to us. Whether it's medical, learning, dietary, or accessibility needs, we are committed to making necessary adjustments. To ensure a seamless experience, please specify these requirements during the application process. This allows us to confirm arrangements with our hosting organisations. Don't forget to disclose any dietary needs in your application and relevant forms during the onboarding process.

5. Does Oxford Summer Courses offer scholarships or bursaries?

At this moment, Oxford Summer Courses doesn't offer scholarships or bursaries for our summer school courses. We encourage you to explore other available options and plan accordingly.

6. Are there any prerequisites or academic qualifications required for applying to Oxford Summer Courses?

Oxford Summer Courses typically welcomes students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and levels. While specific prerequisites may vary depending on the course, most programmes are open to students with a keen interest in the subject matter. However, it's advisable to review the course descriptions and requirements on the Oxford Summer Courses website to ensure suitability.

7. Can students expect any extracurricular activities or social events outside of the academic curriculum during their time with Oxford Summer Courses?

Yes, Oxford Summer Courses often organises extracurricular activities and social events to complement the academic curriculum. These activities may include cultural outings, guest lectures, group discussions, and opportunities to explore the local area. Participation in such events fosters a vibrant community atmosphere and enhances the overall learning experience.

8. What is the refund policy in case a student needs to withdraw from a course after paying the deposit?

The refund policy for Oxford Summer Courses varies depending on the circumstances and timelines of withdrawal. While paying the deposit secures a place in the course, specific details regarding refunds for withdrawals after payment would typically be outlined in the terms and conditions provided during the application process. Students need to review these policies carefully and reach out to the Oxford Summer Courses team for clarification if needed.


As you embark on your Oxford Summer Courses journey, rest assured that every detail has been carefully considered to make your experience enriching and seamless. If you have more questions or need further assistance, our team is here for you. Get ready for a summer of learning, discovery, and lasting memories with Oxford Summer Courses.

Ready to embark on this secure and enriching summer journey? Apply Now and make your Oxford Summer experience a reality.

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