A Certified Summer Course Experience


Date of Publication: 30 November 2017

What do you get to show for yourself upon completion of one of our summer courses? That’s a question our admissions team can happily answer as they know first-hand, the unquestionable benefits on offer to students who decide to spend 2 or 4 weeks with Oxford Summer Courses.

To begin with, why choose Oxford Summer Courses? The aim of our courses is to blend world-class teaching from top academics with the very best of English culture and heritage. We do this by ensuring a few things:

  • All academic content is delivered by top academics in small seminar groups. Students aged 16-24 will also receive tutorials (one or two students to each tutor). These sessions provide close contact with teachers who are leaders in their field.
  • Students live in colleges, situated in the heart of the university city they choose to study in. Our range of accommodation includes Wycombe Abbey (9-12s), set in magnificent rural grounds and offers a wide array of modern facilities, Fitzwilliam College (13-15s, Cambridge), credited with educating six Nobel Prize winners, and Christ Church (16-24s, Oxford), Oxford’s most magnificent college with modern en-suite rooms in a grand setting.
  • We also provide a lively programme of English cultural activities alongside our student’s academic content. British sites we visit include the royal residence of Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace and the City of Bath, each World Heritage Sites. Activities include college tours, museum visits, river punting and much more!

With these foundations ensured, we know the value our courses bring to students. We’re proud to deliver them to consistent approval.

But there is more to your time with us than that. Our students have benefitted from their experience and trust in us to deliver quality courses. It may come as a surprise to some of our international applicants that we are not affiliated with either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge. We are a BAC-accredited short course provider that has been operating since 2010.

  • Our short academic courses are not credit-bearing by default. However, you may check if our teaching model meets the credit requirements of your school, college or university. Credit requirements vary between institution, but our courses can gain you credit if they recognise our teaching model as credit-bearing (and this is quite likely due to our mirroring of the Oxford University tutorial-style of teaching).
  • Thanks to our friends at Advanced Secure Technologies, your certificate is a protected, high-quality document issued by Oxford Summer Courses. It will state your name, subject and course dates. The certificate also bears the signature of your Course Director and Principal of Oxford Summer Courses. This document is evidence of your participation and a reflection of your commitment to your chosen subject; this will undoubtedly serve you well in future university or workplace interviews.
  • Our courses have a friendly and collegiate atmosphere in which students form a diverse group of international learners from all around the world. With an international body of students, new friendships and expanding world views are an integral part of our experience. Upon graduation, you’ll auto-enrol into our society of summer course alumni. As an alumni, you will be eligible to claim a 10% discount when returning for a course the following year.

We’re committed to the delivery of excellent, impactful educational experiences. We strive to assure your time with us is spent as best as possible.

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