Born in Oxford

When two school friends graduated from the University of Oxford, they had an idea: how about sharing the remarkable experience with the world? And so, in 2010, Oxford Summer Courses was born.

The founding principles were pretty simple. An honest and authentic taste of Oxford education, Oxford living, and Oxford culture, all served up by Oxford insiders.

The very same principles that guide our organisation today (and tomorrow).

photo (c) John Cairns

Raised in Cambridge

After welcoming more and more people to our growing range of courses, we turned our attention to Oxford’s sister city and university.

Rather than transporting our existing model to Cambridge, we began again. Building a network of local experts – just as we had in Oxford – to tap into the true magic of the place.

A distinctive approach to natural sciences, unique interdisciplinary courses, and a whole new cultural adventure.

We’d arrived in Cambridge.

Back To School

We’re here to inspire a love for learning, and the earlier the better. So we decided to open the door to younger students as well.

While it made sense for those of (and approaching) university age to join us in a university town, we felt our students aged 12-years-old and younger deserved a bespoke approach.

With the help of our experts we crafted a suite of fun and interactive courses at Wycombe Abbey, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK.

photo (c) John Cairns

Moved To London

We had more to share, such as the entrepreneurial spirit that helped create Oxford Summer Courses in the first place. Next stop: London.

Here, the focus of our courses was excellence in industry, real-world problem solving and cutting-edge skills.

Tapping into this global powerhouse with a first-rate team of academics, leading professionals and London locals.

Travelled The World

What if people can’t come to us? Well, we might just come to them.

Over the years we’ve partnered with schools and universities in Chile, India and the USA to help deliver courses that are truly sensitive to the needs and potential in each location.

It’s a world of opportunity.

Started a Family

We’ve been busy working on other education projects too. Helping international students acclimatise to UK life, providing online tuition, and more.

We’ve even founded a charity that helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds boost their learning (and confidence) so they can go on to university.

The latest chapter in our story is bringing all of these projects together as one: the Bridgemark family.

It won’t really change what we do but it will help us share knowledge, ideas and fresh approaches in a powerful new way.

Because there’s always something new to learn.

Our Values

Growth Mindset

We have a strong sense of adventure and are always willing to learn from our mistakes. We challenge our colleagues to reach their full potential and always strive towards pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and into the learning zone.


We prioritise a healthy work-life balance and place wellbeing at the centre of everyday operations at the company. We look out for our colleagues, show care and consideration to one another, and are mindful of each other's workloads.

Student Impact

Student experience lies at the heart of everything we do. We set high standards and act with the purpose of improving the life chances of young people who come on our summer courses.


We always support our colleagues and adopt a 'say yes first' approach to testing new ideas. Trust, empathy and friendship are at the centre of our workforce and we never play the blame game.


Test, improve, adapt - onwards and upwards!

Building Community

Across like-minded students, our tutor network, and healthy relationships in head office, all while creating a positive impact on society and the wider environment.

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