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Juniors Summer Courses for Ages 9-12

Juniors Summer School for Ages 9-12

At Oxford Summer Courses, we are dedicated to nurturing young minds to chart their academic journeys. Our tailored summer school courses provide a supportive environment where independence and critical thinking are fostered within an inclusive community. Hosted at esteemed boarding schools like Eton College, our junior summer courses offer unparalleled opportunities for young learners aged 09-12 to explore their passions and excel in their chosen subjects. Apply now to secure your place and embark on an unforgettable summer school experience.

Entry Requirements

To apply to join our junior summer courses, learners should be aged 9-12 years old and have a sufficient understanding of English to participate in classroom activities and coursework. They should also possess a keen interest in exploring their chosen subjects in a stimulating academic environment.

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What’s Included

  • All teaching, in-class sizes of 15 or less.
  • Accommodation and all meals.
  • A prize-giving ceremony.
  • All-day trips and activities.
  • Airport transfers (UK courses only and conditions apply).
  • Access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations.
  • Travel and medical insurance included.
  • Welcome pack: Including an Oxford Summer Courses backpack, notebook, and water bottle.

Academic Overview

  • Lesson: Tutor contact time: 12 sessions x 1 hr over four days per week. Classes with a maximum of 15 students, offering interactive exploration of your chosen subject.
  • Supervised Homework: Scheduled time for homework completion with on-course staff available for questions.

Small-class teaching for ages 9-12

During your Oxford Summer Course, you'll enjoy small class sizes (under 15 students), divided into age groups. You'll engage in diverse and enjoyable learning methods, including group work and presentations. Activity workshops, ranging from academic to playful, will offer opportunities for skill improvement and idea exchange among students from different subjects.

Social and Cultural Overview

  • Activities / House Activities: Planned by our team, these can be on-site or off-site and include sports, local visits, or organised events.
  • Chats and bedtime: Time to unwind and chat with friends and house parent before bed.
  • Excursion: A trip off-site with classmates.
  • Graduation: Celebrate achievements and formally conclude your time with Oxford Summer Courses.
  • Disco: Wrap up your course with a fun celebration with friends.

Apply Now to Oxford Summer Courses

Ready to embark on your summer school journey with Oxford Summer Courses? Apply now and seize the opportunity to experience an unforgettable summer of adventure and academic excellence in an iconic university city.



1 / 5

Aarupi, United Kingdom

"I've enjoyed having a roommate during the summer school at Oxford Summer Courses and the opportunity to make so many new friends. It's great to meet new people, and it's a lot of fun."

Annika, Thailand

"I enjoyed doing activities with my group and spending time with my friends at Oxford Summer Courses summer school. I especially liked when we went out for dinners on Saturday nights and the various trips we took, including the Harry Potter Studio trip."

Auguste, Hong Kong

"When I participated in Oxford Summer Courses tech-focused summer school, it was actually really fun. We had groups and worked on creating remixes, websites, and games. It was an enjoyable experience learning how to do everything."

Bruce, Malaysia

"We’ve done our business plans for our future enterprises at Oxford Summer Courses. My summer school project is to sell wind turbines and solar panels to bigger companies. It has been a valuable experience learning about business strategies and developing plans for my entrepreneurial endeavours."

Joie, Philippines

"The subjects were surprisingly more than enjoyable and I absorbed a profusion of information."

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Juniors 9-12

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