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Summer Courses for 9-12 Year Olds

Summer School for Ages 9-12

Welcome to Oxford Summer Courses Summer School for ages 9-12! While we contract with the colleges of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and London for facility use, we want to clarify that we have no formal connection with these universities. Our summer school provides a wide range of subjects, qualified teachers, interactive learning, and a focus on safety and support. Join us for an enriching academic journey to gain confidence, independence, and a passion for learning in a supportive environment.

Inclusions for Junior Summer Courses (Ages 9-12)

  • All teaching, in-class sizes of 15 or fewer
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • A prize-giving ceremony
  • All-day trips and activities
  • Airport transfers (UK courses only and conditions apply)
  • Access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations
  • Travel and medical insurance for all our students attending courses in the UK is included in the costs of the course. Students seeking additional cover or attending international courses will need to buy a different insurance policy.*

Over 8 Subjects to Choose from at Our Summer School

Choose from over 8 subjects at our summer school and embark on a thrilling adventure. Our top teachers and world-class teaching methods are tailored to young learners aged 9-12. Whether your passion lies in science, law, technology, or other subjects (subject to availability), our teaching methods enhance your learning experience. Unleash your potential to become a pioneering scientist, skilled medic, innovative coder, successful entrepreneur, or even the next J.K. Rowling.

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Interactive Learning for Ages 9-12

Join us at Oxford Summer Courses Junior Summer School and discover an interactive learning experience led by expert teachers. Our junior summer courses feature multimedia presentations, group work, games, problem-solving activities, and project work with a practical focus to deepen your subject knowledge. Our teaching method fosters independent and collaborative learning, promoting critical thinking, research, and presentation skills. Get inspired and excited about your subject, and prepare for future academic and professional endeavours.

Safety and Care at Oxford Summer Courses

At Oxford Summer Courses, we prioritise the well-being and safety of our students. Our pastoral team is carefully selected and available 24/7 for support. We follow UK school standards and undergo regular inspections by the British Accreditation Council. Accommodation for under 16s is secure, and our staff have their own bedrooms. Students are accompanied by staff to classes and activities, and registrations and checks are done regularly throughout the day. All our staff are DBS checked to ensure that they meet the highest safeguarding standards.

Student Supervision and Staffing Levels

At Oxford Summer Courses Junior Summer School, we maintain strict pastoral staff to student ratios to ensure safety and well-being. Ratios vary slightly between courses and age groups, so please contact our admissions team for exact numbers. Our staffing levels are set to support supervision needs, which vary depending on the activity. All junior summer courses and activities are risk-assessed to ensure student safety. Additionally, all our staff members are DBS checked and undergo extensive training to ensure they meet our high standards of care.

Access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations

Prior to joining our Oxford Summer Courses Junior Summer School for ages 9-12, students can enhance their experience with Oxford Summer Courses Foundations - our self-paced online learning platform. Included in your fees, this platform offers a comprehensive range of resources available 24/7, providing a strong foundation for your academic success. Prepare in advance and boost your ability to learn and excel in your junior summer course with our platform.

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1 / 5

Aarupi, United Kingdom

"I've enjoyed having a roommate during the summer school at Oxford Summer Courses and the opportunity to make so many new friends. It's great to meet new people, and it's a lot of fun."

Annika, Thailand

"I enjoyed doing activities with my group and spending time with my friends at Oxford Summer Courses summer school. I especially liked when we went out for dinners on Saturday nights and the various trips we took, including the Harry Potter Studio trip."

Auguste, Hong Kong

"When I participated in Oxford Summer Courses tech-focused summer school, it was actually really fun. We had groups and worked on creating remixes, websites, and games. It was an enjoyable experience learning how to do everything."

Bruce, Malaysia

"We’ve done our business plans for our future enterprises at Oxford Summer Courses. My summer school project is to sell wind turbines and solar panels to bigger companies. It has been a valuable experience learning about business strategies and developing plans for my entrepreneurial endeavours."

Joie, Philippines

"The subjects were surprisingly more than enjoyable and I absorbed a profusion of information."

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Oxford Summer Courses is an organisation which contracts with the colleges of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London for the use of facilities, but which has no formal connection with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London.
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