Frequent Questions

Are you affiliated with Oxford University, Cambridge University or any of their constituent colleges?

No. We’d like to make it very clear that we’re not affiliated to any. But, unlike many other summer courses, our founders and co-directors have been educated at Oxford University, and we use University accommodation. We believe that anyone should be able to experience Oxford and Cambridge, and benchmark our standards against each University.

Do I gain credits at my school / university for completing Oxford Summer Courses?

Our courses can gain you credit if our teaching model meets the credit requirements of your school or university and the curriculum that you are following there. Former IB students on our 16-17 course were enabled to sharpen their critical thinking skills and begin research in their extended essay (an essential part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) course). Other IB students used their work as part of the research component of one of their six IB subjects. In order to get this benefit you will need to choose a course with us that matches one of your IBDP subject choices. Our 18-24 course gained credits for students studying at university in the US and Australia amongst others – these students took our course outline (available after acceptance onto our courses) to their home institution which assessed the duration, content and assessment methods. All 16-24 courses are taught using seminars and tutorials (mirroring the teaching methods used by Oxford University) and over 2 weeks you receive 14hrs of tuition (12hrs seminars, 2hrs tutorials) in additional to at least 15hrs of independent research preparing your tutorial essay (arts subjects) or problem sheet (sciences). Essays/problem sheets are marked prior to tutorials before the tutor attends to the arguments and material. As credit requirements vary between institution, please ask your home institution whether they recognise our teaching model as credit-bearing. Our Admissions Team would be happy to speak to you or your home institution if you have specific questions.

What certificate do I gain by completing Oxford Summer Courses?

Your certificate will be issued by Oxford Summer Courses and will state your name, subject and course dates; it will be signed by the Course Director and Principal of Oxford Summer Courses. This is not a document from the University of Oxford or any of its constituent colleges. We host our courses at Oxford University but we are a separate organisation.

I want to come and study at Oxford Summer Courses but my area of interest isn’t listed. Can you still accommodate me?

We can make provisions if your area of interest isn’t listed because we have a wide network of teaching staff. From Egyptology to Econometrics, we can tailor the right course for you. Just get in touch.

What is included in the price of the course?

For students aged 10-12 and 13-15
  • • All teaching, including small group seminars and workshops
  • • Accommodation and breakfast every day
  • • All evening meals (three times a week at local restaurants)
  • • A three-course college banquet on Friday evening
  • • All cultural activities in Oxford and further afield
  • • Lunch three times a week
For students aged 16-17 and 18-24
  • • All teaching, including tutorials and small group seminars
  • • Accommodation and breakfast every day
  • • All evening meals at local restaurants
  • • A three-course college banquet on Friday evening
  • • All cultural activities in Oxford and further afield
The price does not include flights, transfers to Oxford or medical/travel insurance.

Can you book my flights and airport transfers?

We offer an airport transfer service from Heathrow only at £100 each way. Otherwise, we recommend using one of the frequent bus services to travel to Oxford from Heathrow, Gatwick or other English airports.

Does Oxford Summer Courses offer scholarships or bursaries

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any scholarships or bursaries.

Do you arrange visas and insurance?

We do not arrange travel/medical insurance or visas. As Oxford Summer Courses is accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a short course provider, please apply for a Short-term Study Visa. If you’re under 18 you need to provide additional documents, if:
  • • you’re travelling on your own
  • • you’re travelling with someone who isn’t your parent or guardian
You must provide proof of the course you’re studying, for example a letter of acceptance from the educational institution – on official headed paper, stating the course’s name, duration and cost (including accommodation). Oxford Summer Courses will issue this upon receipt of payment. Travelling on your own You can travel to the UK without an adult (someone 18 or over). Your parent or guardian needs to provide their:
  • • written consent for you to travel to the UK
  • • full contact details
For all information, details and which documents are required please go to the UK Visa Government website. Should you have any further queries please contact us.

I want to study more than one course. Is this possible?

Absolutely. You could come for four weeks rather than two weeks, studying one subject for the first two weeks, and a different subject for the second two weeks. Alternatively, you could come and study one subject in depth over four weeks!

How much spare time will I have?

You’ll be expected to spend a few hours each day preparing for tutorials and seminars. There are plenty of organised activities most mornings and evenings. But this still leaves ample time to explore Oxford. Giving you the freedom to choose when to work and when to relax is part of the Oxford Experience, and key to our ethos at Oxford Summer Courses. Have a look at our weekly timetable for a clearer idea.

How are meals organised?

We’ll serve you breakfast in college every morning, and will find a variety of places for evening meals Monday to Thursday so you can experience some of Oxford’s many culinary hotspots. Friday evening is the highlight of the week because that’s our three-course banquet in one of Oxford’s College Halls.

Will there be internet access?

Yes – you’ll have access to WiFi networks that function not only all around the College, and in your rooms, but also throughout the city!

Will I be covered by medical insurance?

Each student is responsible for their own insurance policy, and we require that you get one before joining us. Please take a look at our terms and conditions for more information.

If I have to cancel, how much will you refund?

If you’ve been accepted on to Oxford Summer Courses, any refund will be limited to recoverable costs. We won’t be able to refund the initial deposit.

I have special dietary requirements. Can you cater for me?

We’re able to cater for all dietary requirements (health and religious). Just notify us as early as possible and we can discuss your needs.

Is there a minimum academic standard?

Our tutors can give first-rate tutorials to students of all abilities. All we ask is you have a genuine passion for your chosen subject and a sufficiently good level of written and spoken English.

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