Academic Summer Courses for 16-17 Year Olds

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Course Overview

  • Stephen Mostek 2016 International Relations student from America

    Stephen Mostek 2016 International Relations student from America

    I hadn’t expected how incredible my time at Oxford Summer Courses would be! My tutorials opened my eyes to a hugely complex subject matter that would merit centuries of research, and I now plan to continue the subject at university, and in my own time. I thought the teaching was brilliant, with a mix of a lecture style and more interactive discussion seminars. During my time here I met so many interesting people from all over the world!

  • Loreto Simpson Urruti 2016 Physics student from Chile

    I enjoyed my time at Oxford Summer Courses more than I even expected! The tutorials challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone, with a fast pace and a demand for my own motivation to study beyond the classes, which was exciting!

  • Aditi Parashar 2016 Psychology student from India

    Aditi Parashar 2016 Psychology student from India

    The highlight of my time at Oxford Summer Courses has to be my time with my tutor. The curriculum of my course was so exciting and well thought out that after 2 weeks of multiple seminars, tutorials and essays, all I could think about was how it didn’t seem enough.

Student Life

  • Oxford Camera
  • Oxford EFL
  • Sports in Oxford

This course gives you a taste of the Oxford undergraduate experience and the chance to study and explore Oxford independently, with the support of a helpful pastoral team of current or former Oxford undergraduates. Somerville College will be your base, a centrally-located and well-equipped college with access to the cafes, bookshops and green spaces of Oxford. You'll learn how to balance your academic study with investigating Oxford during your free time and your key card will allow you entry to the secure Somerville College site during the day before the 10.30pm curfew.

You'll discover Oxford as a group of 20 students studying different subjects and most likely from different continents. Diverse cultural and social perspectives come together each evening as we dine in one of Oxford's most delicious local restaurants before the chance to get dressed up for a formal Oxford dinner each Friday. On the final day of your course you'll have your graduation ceremony where you'll receive your certificate and celebrate the end of the course with a traditional Oxford "bop" (disco).


  • Oxford Tutorial

Your teaching will follow the methods used at the university and each week you'll prepare for a tutorial and four seminars.

Tutorials make Oxford a global academic force. They’re an unrivalled opportunity to scrutinise your work with the world’s finest minds. Your tutorials, quite simply, will shape your thinking forever. Each week our staff will closely attend to your essays and arguments – and force you to justify your directions and conclusions. And they’ll share their own approaches, honed throughout many years of intense study and reflection. Don’t be daunted, though. Our teachers are here to guide and inspire you. They want to hear what you think and why – and help bring out the very best in you. You’ll learn new ways to think, marshal evidence and defend your beliefs with flexibility and flair.

In addition to your weekly tutorial you'll have four seminars each week. In our seminars you’ll be in groups of no more than six students of the same ability and experience. You’ll be supervised by an Oxford tutor, but the emphasis here is on you. So you’ll each prepare a topic in advance, then present your work to the group. It’s a chance to learn from, and share with, your peers in a collaborative, friendly setting – while taking part in lively and thought-provoking debate. And our tutors will help give your academic presentation skills serious sheen.

Excursions and Social

  • Trip to London
  • Trip to Tower of London
  • Oxford Excursions


Your twice-weekly excursions provide the chance to take in some of England's rich cultural heritage beyond Oxford. You'll see a real working English Palace at Blenheim with its amazingly manicured gardens and enormous maze. Perhaps you'll take a traditional cream tea or just an ice cream on the lawn as a lazy game of cricket continues on the green. At Windsor you'll see the Queen's residence and the official state rooms including the imposing dining room that's welcomed visiting foreign dignitaries from monarchs to presidents. Along the journey our staff will be your expert guides on the history, politics or controversy that surrounds these famous sites. Back in Oxford you'll see shrunken human heads at the Pitt Rivers Museum of curiosities and Classical marvels in the Ashmolean Museum ahead of Bill Spectre’s infamous Ghost Trail – a whimsical walking tour of Oxford’s gruesome past.

Social activities

Your course reflects the packed social scene of term-time Oxford with sport, debating and the chance to relax over a movie at the cinema. You'll get to know your fellow students over a game of football, croquet or even quidditch with our resident experts who'll teach you the rules. To recover, we'll float gently down the river Thames in a wooden "punt" boat, taking in the scenery and serenity. For the brain boxes there's a quiz about life in Oxford and the sites we visit, whilst the performers amongst the group will revel in the karaoke night. To top it all - the Oxford "bop": a late night disco to celebrate the final night in Oxford.

Prices and Dates

Courses for 13-15, 16-17 and 18-24 year olds:

  • 2 week courses: £3,895
    • • 25th June to 8th July, Cambridge (13-15 age group)
    • • 2nd July to 15th July, Cambridge (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 9th July to 22nd July, Cambridge (13-15 age group)
    • • 23rd July to 5th August, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 30th July to 12th August, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
  • 3 week credit-bearing course at Wroxton College: £5,645
    • • 2nd July to 22nd July, Wroxton College (18-24 age group)
  • 4 week courses: £7,395
    • • 25th June to 22nd July, Cambridge (13-15 age group)

Included in the price is:

  • All teaching, including tutorials (16-17 and 18-24 only) and small group seminars
  • Accommodation and breakfast every day
  • All evening meals at local restaurants (16-17 and 18-24 only)
  • A three-course college banquet on Friday evening
  • Lunch for students aged 13-15 three times a week and all evening meals (3 times a week at local restaurants)
  • All activities and excursions

The price does not include flights/travel or medical insurance.

Courses for 10-12 year olds:

Held at Wycombe Abbey

  • • One week: £1,495 – Starting July 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd
  • • Two weeks: £2,795 – Starting July 2nd, 9th and 16th
  • • Three weeks: £3,995 – Starting July 2nd and 9th
  • • Four weeks: £5,195 – Starting July 2nd

Included in the price is:

  • All teaching, including small group seminars
  • Accommodation
  • All meals including lunch
  • All activities and excursions

The price does not include flights/travel or medical insurance.