Academic Summer Courses for 13-15 Year Olds

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Course Overview

  • Study with us for 2 or 4 weeks
  • Secure, central Oxford college accommodation
  • High ratio of pastoral staff to students

  • Around 6 students per class with expert teachers
  • 8 subjects to choose from

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
  • Activities included
  • Bill (Yijie) Yu  Computer Science student from China

    Bill (Yijie) Yu Computer Science student from China

    The computer science course at Oxford Summer Courses is very interesting and exciting. The people who took this this course with me all had different experiences and skills in computer science. I personally have more experience than other people in my class as I had learnt coding before, and was hoping to refresh my memory by learning a new programming language. Because my class had only three other students in it, the tutor got everyone involved in class discussions and was able to work with all of our different abilities and experiences. And we all started to enjoy programming, especially the joy you feel when your program finally worked after thousands of “Error” messages. Overall, computer science is definitely a course everyone should consider to take regardless your previous experience, especially at Oxford Summer Course, where tutors can customise the curriculum because of the small group teaching they offer.

  • TANISHKA SURI Law Student from United Arab Emirates

    TANISHKA SURI Law Student from United Arab Emirates

    Oxford Summer Courses is one of the best courses I’ve been on to meet new people, I made friends during my time that I will never forget. The course was an amazing experience, it made me step out of my comfort zone and try new activities such as punting. Punting was a great icebreaker, it allowed us to see other people’s new talents and have lots of fun! I would definitely come back on this course, I met so many new people and have made lots of memories that I will never forget. I truly loved it and will come back for longer next time

  • Kika Perez Ilzarbe – Student from 2015

    JADE FERRE Medicine Student from Switzerland

    I learned so much on the medicine course. Every morning we had three hours of lessons in which we discussed different subjects on different days and each one was even better than the last. Every afternoon we did different activities, went to museums and sometimes had free time. The free time was great, it allowed me to meet so many amazing people that I will never forget. Moreover, Oxford Summer Courses is great because it welcomes people from all over the world. For example, I met a girl who has a different religion to me and it is astonishing to learn the difference between my religion and hers. Overall, Oxford Summer Courses was a new big adventure for me and made me realise how much I liked studying medicine and socialising with people all over the world.

Student Life

  • 13-15s Student Life
  • Oxford EFL
  • Sports in Oxford

Oxford Summer Courses is all about giving you a taste of the Oxford experience. Our course is carefully designed to immerse you in the city of Oxford and improve your language skills. You'll get to see amazing history and culture in the shadow of the oldest university in the English speaking world (it has existed for close to 1,000 years!).

We also put on a whole host of activities, from punting down the river, playing football and ultimate frisbee, film nights and sports days. If you're not working on academic projects or in class we'll ensure that you're kept busy having fun and our pastoral staff will ensure you're safe and happy all while showing you some of the best spots in Oxford.

We also ensure that students are in small groups of no more than 20, this means we get to see parts of Oxford that bigger groups miss, on top of this at the end of the course you'll have made a whole host of friends from all around the world and many of our students stay in touch well beyond the end of the course itself.

You'll stay in secure, centrally located accommodation at St Benet's Hall, one of the colleges of Oxford University. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided each day too. The accommodation is a combination of single and twin rooms and there is access to a cozy common room, a beautiful garden to relax and play in and even a library if you're feeling particularly studious.


  • 13-15s Teaching 1
  • 13-15s Teaching 2
  • 13-15s Teaching 3

Why study with us? You'll learn from expert tutors and study in fun, highly interactive seminars of around six students from around the world. As our classes are so small you'll get lots of attention from your tutor and can focus in on the areas that really interest you. This means over the course of the time you spend with us you'll get more attention from an expert tutor than you would elsewhere.

Our tutors are all highly experienced and passionate about their subject areas, you'll be learning from an experts in their field. Don't worry though, regardless of your level our tutors will guide and inspire you to understand new subjects quickly or if you're already familiar with your chosen subject they'll help you to rapidly improve and extend your knowledge.

Each week you'll receive 20 hours of contact time with your tutor. We mix classroom teaching with lots of highly interactive group projects to encourage you to develop your subject knowledge. Depending on your subject you could be a coming up with a new business idea, making a gaming app or writing and performing in a play. All the while you'll be working together with your peers and have fun while creating an exciting, interactive pieces of work that improve your knowledge of your chosen subject.

Excursions and Social

  • 13-15s Excursions 1
  • 13-15s Excursions 2
  • 13-15s Excursions 3


Twice a week we take trips beyond Oxford, which include visits to the stunning Blenheim Palace, the Queen’s residence at Windsor Castle and the British Museum in London. Because Oxford students and alumni are taking you to these places you are guaranteed an enriched experience. Who knows, you may find yourself looking at Tutankhamun’s mummies with an Egypt scholar! Each course follows a core timetable that includes:

  • • Day trips Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace, and London’s museums
  • • Tours of Oxford’s Pitt Rivers & Ashmolean Museums
  • • Sports activities and football
  • • Shakespeare play and/or classical music concert
  • • Cinema trips
  • • Bill Spectre’s Ghost Trail – a whimsical walking tour of Oxford’s gruesome past
  • 13-15s Social 1
  • 13-15s Social 2
  • 13-15s Social 3

Social activities

Your course is filled with lots of fun activities including sport, debating and the chance to relax over a movie at the cinema. You'll get to know your fellow students over a game of football, croquet or even quidditch with our resident experts who'll teach you the rules. To recover, we'll float gently down the river Thames in a wooden "punt" boat, taking in the scenery. For the brain boxes there's a quiz about life in Oxford and the sites we visit, whilst the performers amongst the group will revel in the karaoke night.

Pastoral Care

  • 13-15s Pastoral 1
  • 13-15s Pastoral 2
  • 13-15s Pastoral 3

Oxford Summer Courses has a high ratio of pastoral staff to students, with one staff member for every five students this ensures that you'll be well looked after.

All of our pastoral staff members have experience looking after students your age and we're committed to giving you both an authentic Oxford experience and a high level of pastoral care. Examples of this include:

  • • If you are arriving from further afield we can also organise a taxi to ensure that you get to Oxford without any problems
  • • You'll be provided with a detailed timetable and our staff will guide them to and from their lessons to ensure that everyone arrives on time
  • • Our House Parents and other staff live on site and are first aid trained, so if any issues do arise we are only a short walk away irrespective of the hour
  • • We are also only a short walk away from the local health centre and will escort students there if there are any health related issues
  • • We also provide each student with a UK SIM card to ensure that they are easily contactable and can make calls irrespective of where they are from


As part of our specialised courses for 13 to 15 year olds, we aim to give students a fantastic blend of academic and cultural opportunities, delving into their favourite topics of interest in small, highly interactive group seminars. Explore the course choices below.

We're always happy to chat to parents who might have questions about what the Oxford Summer Courses experience might entail, so feel free to drop us a note on our contact page.

Prices and Dates


Courses for 13-15, 16-17 and 18-24 year olds

  • 2 week courses: £3,895
    • • 24th June to 7th July, Cambridge (13-15 age group)
    • • 24th June to 7th July, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 1st July to 14th July, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 1st July to 14th July, Cambridge (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 8th July to 21st July, Cambridge (13-15 age group)
    • • 8th July to 21st July, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 15th July to 28th July, Cambridge (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 15th July to 28th July, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age group)
    • • 22nd July to 4th August, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
    • • 29th July to 11th August, Oxford (16-17 and 18-24 age groups)
  • 3 week credit-bearing course at Wroxton College: £5,645
    • • 1st July to 21st July, Wroxton College (18-24 age group)
  • 4 week courses: £7,395
    • • 24th June to 21st July, Cambridge (13-15 age group)
    • • 1st July to 28th July, Cambridge (16-17 and 18-24 age group)
    • • 24th June to 21st July, Oxford (13-15, 16-17 and 18-24 age group)
    • • 8th July to 4th August, Oxford (13-15, 16-17 and 18-24 age group)

Included in the price is:

  • All teaching, including tutorials (16-17 and 18-24 only) and small group seminars
  • Accommodation and breakfast every day
  • All evening meals at local restaurants (16-17 and 18-24 only)
  • A three-course college banquet on Friday evening
  • Lunch for students aged 13-15 three times a week and all evening meals (3 times a week at local restaurants)
  • All activities and excursions

The price does not include flights/travel or medical insurance.

Courses for 10-12 year olds

Held at Wycombe Abbey

  • • One week: £1,495 – Starting July 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd
  • • Two weeks: £2,795 – Starting July 1st, 8th and 15th
  • • Three weeks: £3,995 – Starting July 1st and 8th
  • • Four weeks: £5,195 – Starting July 1st

Included in the price is:

  • All teaching, including small group seminars
  • Accommodation
  • All meals including lunch
  • All activities and excursions

The price does not include flights/travel or medical insurance.