Cheltenham Ladies College

Founded in 1853, Cheltenham Ladies College boosts outstanding facilities including a new sports centre, including a swimming pool. This is a an opportunity to study, stay and make lifelong friends at one of the UK’s most distinguished independent girls boarding schools. The site is set in the royal spa town of Cheltenham, on the edge of the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty.


You will be staying in rooms that are used by students during the term time and while you have your own space, the layout of the boarding house allows you to make friends with all the people on your corridor. The boarding houses have a large common room, with plenty of space to socialise and relax. Your boarding house is a short walk away from the main school site and you will be supervised walking to and from lessons and activities in the main house.


All of your daily meals will be eaten in the boarding house. This traditional in-house dining fosters a familial environment, giving you a chance to mix with classmates, people from your boarding house, and your new friends. On Friday nights, you will be treated to a graduation meal to celebrate your achievements.

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