Luke Davies

Luke Davies is a DPhil candidate in philosophy at Merton College, Oxford. Prior to starting the DPhil, he completed the BPhil (also in philosophy) at Brasenose College, Oxford. His undergraduate degree (in philosophy, again) is from the University of Toronto. Luke’s research focuses on the political philosophy of Immanuel Kant—in particular, Kant’s account of rights and citizenship. He has also has a keen interest in practical ethics, and was a regular contributor to the Oxford Uehiro Centre Blog “Ethics in the News” from 2013-2015. Luke has published papers on a possible Kantian defense of the right to health care and the moral permissibility of child euthanasia. An article of his on vegetarianism and entomophagy has been included in a high school textbook. Luke has worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Oxford for the General Philosophy course, the Leibniz paper and the Kant paper. He was also a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto for several years, where he taught: Bioethics; Global Bioethics; Introduction to Ethics; Political Philosophy; Reason and Truth; and, Introduction to Philosophy. Prior to beginning university, he taught English as a foreign language in Brazil for a year. He first taught for Oxford Summer Courses in 2015.

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