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Work for the fastest growing education company in the UK and explore our global opportunities. We offer courses for students aged 9-24 across different locations including Oxford, Cambridge and online with our sister company, Melio. Take the next step in your career and join our tutor network.
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Current Opportunities

Please take a look at the available roles below. Any queries should be emailed to recruitment@oxfordsummercourses.com

What do our tutors say about us?

Henrietta Nagy, Business and Entrepreneurship Tutor, Oxford

What did you like about our company culture? Flexibility and trust. I appreciated being able to craft my syllabus and delivering it using my expertise and creativity. You provided some guidance to the teaching process, however I had 'ownership' over how I was delivering it. You as a company have great initiatives to bring tutors together and provide networking opportunities.

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Tariq Parker, Medicine, Oxford

Why should someone apply to work for us? Oxford Summer Courses gives tutors a mixture of structure and independence in designing their curricula while maintaining a high educational standard for students which ensures a mutually beneficial experience for all involved. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to teach, learn and grow in the OxSC family.

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Tutor FAQs

What are the course dates this year?

Can I teach more than one course?

How will I be paid for my work?

Do I keep the rights to use my syllabus/ lesson plans elsewhere?

What are the students like?

Can I teach anything I want?

Do you have past examples of what has been taught to give me ideas?

Do students get assessed?

What will the classrooms be like?

What resources will I have access to?

Can I take my students out for visits to places?

What are the teaching hours?

Do you pay for my travel expenses?

Do you offer accommodation?

Can I contact my students prior to the course?

Can I change my class times or days?

What happens if I sign a contract but then can't teach the course?

Are you affiliated with the University of Oxford / Cambridge?

When will I know my timetable?

Will I get a chance to meet other tutors?

What training is there?

Do I need to set homework or extension work?

When is the deadline for applications?

Can I just send you my CV?

What’s the interview like?

Where will the interview be? I won’t be based nearby until the summer.

Is there parking available where I will be teaching?

What’s the pay?

I’m a returning tutor and I have gained a qualification/ gained a year of teaching experience since last year. What do I do?

Will I need to submit anything before my interview?

I’m interested in volunteering for Universify. Who do I speak to?

I’m interested in running the skills workshops and lectures that you offer. Where do I sign up?

Do you sponsor visas?

I have a DBS already. Can I transfer it, or do I need a new one?

I completed safeguarding training for my previous job. Do I still need to attend yours?

I’m only interested in teaching 18-24 year olds, do I still need to attend safeguarding training?

Will I have a teaching assistant?

Will I have any pastoral duties?

Can tutors join students outside of teaching hours?

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