Oxford Summer Courses Transfer Service

This is required for unaccompanied 9-12 year olds and is optional for all our other students.

The transfer service runs from/to London Heathrow only.

For storage space on our vehicles, you should bring 1x medium/large suitcase & 1x additional bag/rucksack only.


You will be met in the arrivals hall by an Oxford Summer Courses staff member (dressed in a navy OSC t-shirt, with an ID badge and sign). You will then be assisted to our airport lounge where you can grab some refreshments and WiFi before getting on the coach transfer to your course site. Transfers will run regularly from the airport lounge to all of our study locations. Courses do not open until 2pm, therefore the first transfer will leave Heathrow at 1pm. In order to avoid long waiting times at the airport & to use this service for free, you should aim to land between 08:00 and 15:00 UK time.

Outside of these times we can only cater for under 18’s and additional charges will apply.

All transfers must be arranged before your arrival day up to 4 weeks before your course start date.


You should provide us with all of your departure details before you arrive on course, to ensure we can get you to the airport in plenty of time for your flight. You will be given a specific departure time 2-3 days before your departure from the course. Similarly to arrivals, the departure transfers will run on a regular basis throughout the morning to all London Heathrow Terminals, with the last transfer being midday (when all students need to be off site). To avoid long waiting times at the airport, you should aim for a flight that departs between 09:00 and 18:00 UK time. Outside of these times we can only cater for under 18’s and additional charges will apply. All transfers must be arranged before your arrival day up to 4 weeks before your course start date.

This service is available for arrivals & departures from London Heathrow Airport only.

How to book

To book onto our transfer service you will need to provide your full flight details including; flight number, airline, landing/departure time and terminal number. These will be requested after your place is secured with a balance payment.

For further information, and if you would like to ask questions, please call 01865 818403 or email info@oxfordsummercourses.com



Public Transport & Taxis

If you are arriving outside of our transfer service times, or you would prefer to make your own way to college, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are frequent coaches, trains and taxis from Heathrow airport to all of our course locations, the details of which are outlined below.



Oxford centre can be reached very easily from Heathrow airport via a number of transport links. There are coach, train and taxi services running regularly throughout the day and night, that will get you to Oxford in approximately one hour. Please note that the coach and train station maybe a short walk away from your college, be sure to look this up before confirming your travel plans. All information for each transport can be found below.



Taxis- Royal Cars,  Go Green Taxis,  001 Taxis



From Heathrow airport you can take the coach or train into Cambridge centre or a private taxi straight to your college. The journey time is approximately 2.5 hours by coach, or 2 hours by train or taxi. All information for each transport can be found below.



Taxis- Cam Cab,  Cambridge Airport Taxi,  Panther Taxis



Garden Halls are conveniently located just a short journey from Heathrow Airport. There are many trains, buses and taxis running regularly throughout the day & night, all of which take approximately 1 hour. All information for each transport can be found below.



Taxis- London Heathrow Cars,  Heathrow Cab Service,  Airport Taxis


Travel options for other UK airports


Birmingham Airport

Bristol Airport

East Midlands Airport

London Gatwick Airport

London Stansted Airport

Luton Airport

Manchester Airport



I would like to use the service but I arrive/depart outside of the transfer times, what should I do?
If you are 18+, there are many alternatives ways to get between Heathrow and our study locations. You can do this via public transport or a private taxi. Unfortunately we cannot cater for over 18’s outside of transfer service times. For students 17 and under, there is the option to pay a fee to use the transfer outside of hours. The price will vary depending on your arrival/departure time and study location. Please contact 01865 818403 for more information.


I will be in the UK before my course start date but would still like to use the transfer service from Heathrow on the day my course starts.

This is absolutely fine, give us a call to make your booking.


How long will I have to wait for my transfer?

We are unable to give an exact timeframe for this, as during busier periods the airport security checks and baggage collection can take some time. Once you have been met by an Oxford Summer Courses member of staff, they will ensure you are transferred to your college as soon as possible. You should be aware however, that our courses do not open until 14:00 UK time, therefore we are unable to transfer you from the airport before midday (Cambridge & Cheltenham) and 13:00 (Oxford, London, Wycombe Abbey).


What should I do once I’ve landed?

Once you have disembarked your plane you should follow the signs for passport control, where you will go through the necessary security checks (this can take some time during peak hours). Afterwards you should make your way to the luggage collection and wait for your things to arrive. Once you have everything, follow the signs for the exit and into the arrivals hall, this is where an Oxford Summer Courses staff member will be waiting to collect you. Keep a lookout for our white & orange OSC banner, and a member of staff in a navy T-shirt.


What happens on departure day?

A staff member will assist you with your luggage to the meeting point for the transfers, where you will be collected by a member of the airport team. Depending on which college you are staying at, the transfer may stop along the way to collect students from other colleges. We will ensure you are at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight, to ensure you have time to check in and go through the security checks. The transfer will drop off at all terminals individually, once you arrive at your terminal the staff member on your transfer will call your name and help you get all of your things off the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is where your time with us ends, we do not accompany students at the airport on departure days (excluding Unaccompanied Minors).


What happens if my flight is delayed and I’m signed onto the transfer service?

We are able to track the flights of all students arriving into London Heathrow that are signed onto our transfers. Therefore, if your flight is delayed we can ensure you are still met in the arrivals hall when you land and transferred to your place of study.

If you are interested in booking a transfer service or have questions regarding transport options available, please contact us on 01865 818403

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