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If you’re aged 16-17 or 18-24 you’ll get the chance to have a tutorial with an Oxford academic (if you’re a younger student scroll down to seminars). Tutorials make Oxford a global academic force. They’re an unrivalled opportunity to scrutinise your work with the world’s finest minds. Your tutorials, quite simply, will shape your thinking forever. Each week your tutor will closely attend to your essays and arguments – and force you to justify your directions and conclusions. And they’ll share their own approaches, honed throughout many years of intense study and reflection. Don’t be daunted, though. Our teachers are here to guide and inspire you. They want to hear what you think and why – and help bring out the very best in you. You’ll learn new ways to think, marshal evidence and defend your beliefs with flexibility and flair.
Oxford tutorials


In addition to tutorials for older students, we also run seminars separated by age groups. In our seminars you’ll be in groups of around eight students. You’ll be supervised by an Oxford tutor, but the emphasis here is on you. So you’ll each prepare a topic in advance, then present your work to the group. It’s a chance to learn from, and share with, your peers in a collaborative, friendly setting – while taking part in lively and thought-provoking debate. And our tutors will help give your academic presentation skills serious sheen.

A Unique Learning Environment

Our tutors are all Oxford academics and have spent years honing their teaching skills as undergraduate and graduate students. Oxford has been a centre of learning excellence for centuries and it is both the superior quality of staff and first-rate facilities that make Oxford one of the world’s pre-eminent universities. At Oxford Summer Courses we provide tutors of the highest quality and encourage students to make the most of the city itself through a programme of activities that stimulates students in a less academic, but no less important, dimension. We stand behind the academic quality of our course which was awarded accredited status by the British Accreditation Council for short courses of study.
Oxford tutors
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