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At Oxford Summer Courses we offer a range of subjects to fit every sort of student. It doesn’t matter if you are a scientist or an historian, an aspiring politician or a writer, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best teaching and an inter-disciplinary group atmosphere. We take what our students think about their time with us very seriously, which is why we are so pleased to have such high ratings from them for their time here. Last year, out of ten, they rated us:

  • 9.6 for staff
  • 9.5 for teaching
  • 9.4 for organisation
  • 9.2 for group atmosphere


Oxford Summer Courses prides itself on the international diversity of its students. With attendees from over 80 countries, the course becomes a true melting pot of ideas and perspectives. We strive to create the multicultural atmosphere that is generated by bringing people from all over the world together in a place as stimulating, vibrant, and welcoming as Oxford. So wherever you are from in the world, you can be guaranteed a warm welcome and a complete immersion in English language and culture.

Lasting Friendships

As organisers, one of the things we most enjoy about the course is seeing the students develop friendships with each other which span the globe. Because Oxford Summer Courses is about giving you the Oxford experience, we want to give you the chance to get to know people from across the world in social settings as well as an academic one. By structuring the course in small groups, with high staff-student ratios, we provide an environment which allows you to make friends quickly and easily. By the end of your two weeks with us, you’ll feel as though you’ve known your Oxford Summer Courses friends for months.

Excellent Feedback

Student feedback on Oxford Summer Courses is consistently excellent, with average ratings of above 9/10 for Staff, group atmosphere and organisation by students in 2017. We also make sure we listen to students when they have suggestions for things to do or places they would like to visit in Oxford and try to accommodate that if we can. Have a look at our testimonials – for many students their time at Oxford Summer Courses is simply the best two weeks of their life!

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 1


2017 Business & Entrepreneurship (18-24) student from Australia

Oxford Summer Courses really has been something I will remember for life; whether it’s through the friends I’ve made or through the things I’ve learnt in my seminars and tutorials. My tutor was incredibly intelligent and engaging, and I have found the tutorial system challenged me much more than the teaching style at my university. It has been an all-round amazing experience, and I couldn’t recommend it enough to other students.

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 2


2017 Medicine student (16-17) from America

I will never forget my experience with Oxford Summer Courses. In the four weeks that I spent here, I found a balance between schoolwork and exciting activities. I know that I will never again have friends like these, and I will never forget the times that we shared together. Nothing can replace what this program has given me, and I hope that many more students are able to share this experience in the future.

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 7


2017 International Relations & Politics (13-15) student from Australia

My time at Oxford Summer Courses has been nothing short of extraordinary. My studies here have reassured my passion for the subject; with intimate, informative lessons and professors who were always willing to help. I will cherish my new friends for the rest of my life – looking back, I can’t help but smile and fully intend to return.

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 5


2017 Classical Civilisation & English Literature (18-24) student from Italy

My four weeks with Oxford Summer Courses have enriched me both as a person and as a student. Through my tutors and fellow students, I experienced a new approach to the subject and now have friends from all over the world; many with different languages or cultures but all with the same passion for learning and adventure.

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 3


2017 Law student (16-17) from Jordan

This course helped me decide whether I want to study law in the future or not. What I loved most about the teaching method was the discussions and debates. Discussing the cases rather than simply being taught what to do helped me change my way of thinking. This course is indeed life changing, and I strongly recommend it.

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 9


2017 Medicine (13-15) student from Switzerland

Excellent teaching combined with a compelling course has convinced me to pursue a future in Medicine. My tutor made every student feel included and more confident to openly discuss the subject. I would like to thank Oxford Summer Courses for all the unforgettable memories and helping me determine my future field of studies.

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 6


2017 Business & Economics (13-15) student from America

Oxford Summer Courses was one of the most amazing and unique experiences of my whole life! I had such a wonderful time making friends with students from all over the world who I would not have met otherwise. Each student in my class felt able to contribute to the conversations while still being challenged. Furthermore, the day trips along with free time to explore the city brought the experience to another level. Oxford Summer Courses has mastered the balance of education with a fun summer holiday!

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 4


2017 Economics (16-17) student from Serbia

I met other teenagers from all around the world, everybody was so happy to meet new people and accept them as they are. With classes divided into small groups, everybody got to participate and speak their minds. I had an amazing experience at Somerville college and am looking forward to coming here next year!

Oxford Summer Courses testimonial 8


2017 English Literature & Creative Writing (13-15) student from Russia

Thank you for making this summer absolutely incredible. Thank you for your support and your help, for being thoughtful of every single student. You gave me a chance to make many new friends. You made me more responsible, more self-confident… and you made me happier. I’ve been to numerous summer camps all over the world, but Oxford Summer Courses is something I’ve never experienced before. See you next year!

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