Spring Courses

Kick-start your career with our one-week intensive academic courses

  • Prepare for university, internships, and your future career
  • Network with industry experts and top academics
  • Gain valuable skills with 27 hours of teaching time
  • Stay in central accommodation, in historic colleges that make up the University of Oxford
  • Experience all that Oxford has to offer, including tours of the city, visits to its restaurants, cultural activities, and more

Course Overview


Our 1-week intensive courses for 16-17 and 18-24 year olds are focused on giving you the tools to succeed in your chosen field, preparing you for university and beyond. You’ll receive 27 hours of teaching time over the course of one week, including professional development workshops, networking dinners, and trips led by your tutor. We’ve created a unique programme that balances intensive academic learning with social and cultural activities in Oxford, giving you the chance to explore all that the city has to offer.


Students on our spring courses will get an authentic taste of the Oxford experience, all in one week. Study with world-renowned experts during the day, and stay in historic University of Oxford college accommodation by night. You'll even enjoy a three-course banquet in the stunning college dining halls, in the style of a University of Oxford formal dinner. Enjoy your time in Oxford while knowing that our group leaders are on-hand 24/7, making sure you’re well looked after at all times.


Students take part in a networking dinner where they’ll dine with professionals in their chosen field. You’ll be able to chat about your shared academic passions, obstacles, opportunities, and more.. Inside the classroom, you'll learn from teachers in small groups, focused on practical experience. If you’re studying medicine, you may practice suturing. If you’re studying marketing, you may manage a re-branding campaign.


Oxford offers a wealth of social and cultural experiences unique to this special and historic city. You'll be given a genuine taste of the city of Oxford through visits to historic colleges, intriguing museums, or a chance to go punting on the River Thames. In the evenings, you'll have a chance to discuss great ideas with professionals and thinkers in your field of study, speaking with the experts about the things which drive you. We'll also venture further afield during a half-day excursion from Oxford, exploring all that Bath, Windsor, or Blenheim Palace have to offer.


During your spring course, you'll take part in a workshop centred around effective learning techniques. You may learn how to write a great research paper, or learn more effective methods to network within your industry. All students will finish the week with an end of course conference, during which you'll have the opportunity to present your work, and hear from others about theirs. This sharing of ideas is pivotal to the culture of learning here in Oxford - where ideas and discussions are shared, discussed, and debated.

Spring Courses: 16-17 Year Olds

Choose from our selection of spring courses for 16-17 year olds to learn more about course content, availability, and pricing.

Spring Courses: 18-24 Year Olds

Choose from our selection of spring courses for 18-24 year olds to learn more about course content, availability, and pricing.

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