Learn from Oxford tutors at Singapore’s top university

Take the oldest university in Singapore and add expert UK tutors from world- renowned Oxford University. The result? A week spent alongside like-minded students from around the globe studying an intensive summer course. And all taught by Oxford tutors. It’s a unique academic challenge.

Whether you choose to study Psychology, Medicine, or Business and Entrepreneurship, you and your classmates will take on challenging tutorials, small class sessions and academic workshops. A short course from Oxford Summer Courses is the perfect way to test yourself, build your academic knowledge, and meet new people just like you.

Exciting academic experiences with Oxford Summer Courses

With its authentic Oxford tutorials your short academic course at the National University of Singapore will challenge you and encourage you to think independently. Thanks to small groups, interactive learning, and plenty of quality one-on-one time with your expert tutor. You'll also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge through group work with classmates and take on independent research. Your summer course is the perfect introduction to the British educational system, and you’ll learn plenty about British culture too. You could even take part in an Oxford Union-style debate.

Trips and socialising on your summer course

Your summer school in Singapore takes place in the vibrant eastern part of the island – a great place to explore with new friends. You could find yourself in spectacular Marina Bay, eating street food at a hawker market, or simply socialising with your fellow students. You’ll also take a course-based afternoon day trip with your classmates. It’s a great way to challenge your thinking about your chosen subject outside the classroom. And gives you a chance to see your subject applied in the real world.

A special stay in Singapore

During your summer school course in Singapore you'll stay in the National University of Singapore’s halls of residence. Just like a real university student. It’s a great place to get to know your fellow students, and base yourself for your time in Singapore. When you arrive experienced staff will show you around, and you’ll meet group leaders who are always on hand to make sure you’re happy and safe. They can help you with anything from finding your tutor room to helping you get your laundry done. Or, if you live nearby, you can simply stay at home and travel in for your course.

Available Subjects


Study psychology with us in Singapore and explore the foundational concepts of psychology in depth, learning about psychology through history to today, alternative theories and approaches, the fundamentals of neuroanatomy and the study of the human brain.


Study medicine with us in Singapore and gain an in-depth understanding of modern, cutting edge applications of medicine, led by experts in the field. The course will provide a solid understanding of the foundations of medical science, and you'll engage with the latest developments in medicine.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Study business and entrepreneurship in Singapore and develop a business model, learning what it takes to set up a business for success (and how success is measured). You'll discuss the basics of a business model and how to develop a minimum viable product and action plan, all while guided by expert tutors from Oxford.


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