From Catholic Church controversies to creation theories, explore how science and religion both complement and contrast each other

We’re not here to preach. Whatever your religion, culture, and background, everyone deserves to embrace learning with an open mind. Study Science and Religion with us and discover how science can help answer crucial questions about the authenticity of religion and why our beliefs are so fundamental in the way we experience the world.

On our thought-provoking Science and Religion course, we’ll look at a range of sources, from the past to the present, debating famous controversies, historical and theological issues.

Take advantage of this exciting new course and you’ll be introduced to significant themes and schools of thought that have kept scientists and philosophers up at night. We’ll seek out all the answers.

Was Galileo really at odds with the Catholic Church? Does science lead to atheism? Are creation and evolution ever really compatible? Get clued up. Then get stuck into this fascinating, multi-dimensional field of study.

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Build a thorough knowledge on human logic, the universe and nature’s law and approach religion through a precise scientific lens

Your beliefs shape the way you live, how you interact with people, how you react to change and your aspirations in life. And if you follow a certain faith, all of that is influenced from the stories and figures you’ve been brought up to worship.

But what happens when you start questioning your own beliefs? If you can’t prove something exists, does it still hold the same value? Connect the dots and link concrete scientific research with religious practices and ideals for an authentic, well-considered perspective.

We’ll explore how to reach an infinite conclusion, what counts as trustworthy evidence, how we should respond to nature and whether the vastness of the universe suggests that there may be something more out there.

Mixing solo study and collaborative teaching, we deliver a best of both worlds academic experience for immersive, impactful learning.  

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