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On- Course Team Values


Well-being has different aspects; the well-being of the students you will look after, the well-being of those around you, and your own.  We want people who understand the importance of all of these, and be prepared to keep them all as the highest priority.

Democratisation of education

We look for people passionate about sharing their educational experience with people of all backgrounds. We take pride in offering people authentic educational experiences they otherwise could not access.

Growth mindset

Our programme is all about new experiences both for staff and students. We look for people able to adapt, who thrive on new challenges and learn on the job to deliver the best programmes for our students and create a great working environment for our staff. Oxford Summer Courses is a great place to grow and develop professionally and there are many opportunities for those that seek to progress and take on more responsibility.

Energy of a start-up /momentum

We look for people who love to get things done and, once things are working, are looking for ways to make them work better. We love problem-solvers, people who roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, and who can hang onto their sense of humour and perspective all the way through. We love to hear new ideas – new activities, new workshops, new trips, new restaurants – and all our staff have the chance to put their own stamp on the courses.  


Our teams gel because they get a real buzz out of that sense of shared challenge and achievement. The work we ask people to do can be pretty full-on; the days are busy, so collaboration is essential if we are to deliver amazing courses and look after our well-being. Team players will thrive at Oxford Summer Courses.


We think that working with a fantastic, like-minded team is just about the best thing you can do. When the team is working well and is achieving what it needs to, then your impact is felt across the board; your students, your teammates, the places you are working in, the people you meet. We want to find people who want to have an impact.

What do our staff say?

Benjamin Gibbons, Course Director at St Benet's Hall, Summer 2018

Best experience of the summer? Many of the experiences I had working with Oxford Summer Courses have stayed with me, and some will stay with me forever... Soon after the bop ended, I was doing a round to make sure that everyone had begun going to bed. But I found all of the kids lying in the garden, looking at the stars. They were playing some music out of a tiny phone, and just singing along to it- kind of wistfully. That’s when it hit me, that what we’re doing here is something which will define our student’s teenage years. There were shooting stars above. It was pretty special.

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Alison Fripp, Course Director at Christ Church, Summer 2018

What did you like best about our company culture? The best thing about the people at Oxford Summer Courses is their genuine concern about and for each other and you! No matter what, you felt the head office (Oxford) staff was there to support you, to listen to you, to guide and advise you.

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Matt Kruger, London Course Director, Summer 2018

Why should someone apply to work for us? It is rare that a single company does important, innovative and interesting work. Not only does Oxford Summer Courses provide quality summer education programmes, but its courses are also designed and delivered in original and stimulating ways. Throughout my time with Oxford Summer Courses, I both enjoyed my work and took satisfaction in what I was doing.

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Jennifer Paulley, Course Director at Wolfson College, Summer 2018

Best thing about the summer? Students come from far and wide for individual reasons but every single one of them left saying the same thing... ''I've had the best summer of my life and I've made some amazing friends''. Many started their Oxford Summer Courses journey unsure of what to expect, hoping to advance academically and experience University life. Seeing the students leave with that and far more is a strong highlight of mine.

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Join our Pastoral Team in 2019, looking after students attending our 1, 2 or 4-week residential courses


Available Roles:


EFL Academic Manager

Oxford Summer Courses is looking for a qualified and experienced Academic Manager to lead the EFL programme this summer. This role is multifaceted and requires a person with strong interpersonal, management and organisational skills. as well as a proven track record in syllabus design and a clear pedagogical approach. This role is partly residential.

Please see the EFL Academic Manager Role for more information.


Juniors House Parent

As a House Parent you will take responsibility for the pastoral care, well-being and welfare of students within their house.  A House Parent must be empathetic, approachable and a team-player and most of all be available for tea and sympathy for the students who are aged 9-12 years old.  

Only available at sites in Cheltenham and Wycombe.

Please see the House Parents role description for more information.


Juniors Activity Lead

Our Activity Leads  lead house activities for the the 9-12 year olds that are enrolled on our programme. Working as part of an efficient team, the Activity Leader’s main role during a programme is to ensure that our students are having fun outside of the classroom and on excursions. Experience of leading activities  with international students is desirable.

Only available at sites Cheltenham and Wycombe.

Please see the Activity Lead role description for more information.


EFL Activity Lead

Our Activity Leads  lead house activities for the the 9-12 year olds that are enrolled on our programme. Working as part of an efficient team, the Activity Leader’s has two main roles during a programme; firstly to plan and lead Active English lessons and secondly to ensure that our students are having fun outside of the classroom and on excursions.

Only available at Begbroke Hall, Oxford.

Please see the EFL- Activity Lead role description for more information.


EFL  House Parent

As a House Parent you will take responsibility for the pastoral care, well-being and welfare of students within their house.  A House Parent must be empathetic, approachable and a team-player and most of all be available for tea and sympathy for the students who are aged 9-12 years old.  Experience of working with international students in a residential setting is desirable.

Only available at Begbroke Hall, Oxford.

Please see the  EFL- House Parent role description for more information.


London Teaching Assistant

As a Teaching Assistant in London, you will get the chance to support students aged 15 to 17 and liaise with the tutors in the Project Based part of the course. This will involve sharing your knowledge with a group of students interested in a similar area to your own background, answering any questions they may have and helping them build and present a coherent piece of work at the end of the course. Moreover, you’ll have some pastoral responsibilities, such as accompanying students on excursions and trips. This is a role well suited for people with a genuine passion for their subject, that are excellent and enthusiastic communicators, and able and willing to share what they know.

Only available in London

Please see the  London Teaching Assistant role description for more information.


Student Helper (Ox and Cam only)

As a Student Helper you will accompany students on restaurant trips, day excursions and evening activities as well as day trips. Our Student Helpers must be incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and motivated, because they have an essential role in making the student experience rewarding, interesting and, above all, fun. This is a role for people who like action, activity and who get on brilliantly with others.

Please see the Student Helper role description for more information.


Assistant Course Director

As an Assistant Course Director you will be responsible for a group of around 20 international students and manage a team of Student helpers to ensure the smooth delivery of the course.

Only available at sites in Cambridge and Oxford

Please see our Assistant Course Director role description for more information.


Deputy Course Director

The Deputy Course Director, is a leadership role with considerable responsibility, through which you’ll support the Course Director in running all non-academic aspects of the course across the whole site. This will include taking on Course Director tasks as required and acting as the Course Director in their absence, which might be planned or unexpected. This role is double hatted with Assistant Course Director and you will be supported by a Student Helper capable of deputising as ACD when necessary.

Available at all sites.


Course Director

As a Course Director you will be responsible for overseeing the successful and smooth delivery of our 2 or 4 week residential courses for international students. This is a leadership role for energetic, committed and enthusiastic people. You will motivate, enthuse and support your on-course team, so that courses are high quality, exciting and rewarding both academically and socially. You will work closely with the head office in the delivery of both the academic and non-academic elements of the course, encompassing student discipline, welfare, co-ordination and administration. You will have the latitude and flexibility to put your own stamp on elements of the programme. This is a fast-paced role in which you will manage a team of Assistant Course Directors and Student Helpers, who are all current or recent undergraduate or graduate students. They in turn are responsible for looking after their student groups of around 20 students each, and who will look to you for leadership, support and organisation. Collectively, you will deliver courses which, historically, receive exceptional feedback from the students.

Available at all sites.

Please see our Course Director and Deputy Course Director role description for more information.



Proactive and personable, people-centred and positive, you will share your passion for Oxford, London, Cambridge, Cheltenham or High Wycombe with our students. You need excellent organizational and time management skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Prior experience is not essential, just a willingness to learn on the job and infectious enthusiasm.

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What are the course dates this year?


  • 23rd June – 6th July

  • 30th June- 13th July

  • 7th July – 20th July

  • 14th July – 27th July

  • 21st July – 3rd August


  • 23rd June – 6th July

  • 7th July – 20th July

  • 21st July – 3rd August


  • 30th June- 13th July

  • 7th July – 20th July

  • 14th July – 27th July

  • 21st July – 3rd August

  • 28th July – 10th August

  • 4th August – 17th August

  • 11th August – 24th August


  • 14th July – 20th July

  • 21st July – 27th July

  • 28th July – 3rd August

  • 4th August – 10th August

High Wycombe

  • 7th July – 13th July

  • 14th July – 20th July

  • 21st July – 27th July

  • 28th July – 3rd August

  • 4th August – 10th August


How many students & staff will I be working with?

The size of the staff team entirely depends on the number of students staying at a given site. At our smallest sites, the team maybe three or four people while the biggest teams may number up to twenty-five. Over the course of the whole summer around 300 people will work in our on-course teams.


If my role includes accommodation, what is it like?

If you are in a residential role (see above) you will stay on-site in typical student accommodation. You will be provided with a bed, bedding, and usually a desk. Typically there are shared bathroom facilities. You will need to bring a towel. If you are doing more than one course with us, it is possible that you will move sites and/or be required to move rooms.


Will I be provided with accommodation?

You will not be provided with accommodation during the term of your employment at Oxford Summer Courses unless it is explicitly mentioned in your contract and is required for your role. In almost all cases accommodation is only provided to Course Directors, Deputy Course Directors, and Assistant Course Directors. Unfortunately, Oxford Summer Courses cannot assist on-course staff in finding accommodation nor will the company consider requests to stay on-site.


Will I be provided with food when I am working?

The meals you are provided with will vary depending on where and with which age group you are working with, and what your shifts are on a given day. If your shift includes accompanying or supervising the students over lunch or dinner, your meal will also be provided. Residential staff will also be provided with breakfast.


What training will I receive before the start of my employment?

All on course staff must take part in a training session relevant to their role. You will select a date from a number of options. If you do not select a date and complete training you will not be able to work. In addition, each member of staff will receive a handbook outlining the duties and responsibilities of their role, as well as helpful hints and tips and FAQs.


Am I entitled to time off during my employment?

Each full-time member of staff is entitled to one day off per two-week course or a half-day off per one-week course.  You will be invited to request specific days or part-days off in advance of the courses and we will endeavour to deliver every member of staff’s requests in accordance with their contracted time off.


Why do I need an Enhanced DBS, what happens if I do not have one?

Enhanced DBS Checks are complete criminal history checks, and are a mandatory screening process for positions involving work with children and vulnerable adults. They ensure that anyone who presents a known risk to vulnerable groups is prevented from working with them. Oxford Summer Courses will apply and pay for your Enhanced DBS when you have been offered a role with us. If you do not have an Enhanced DBS through Oxford Summer Courses, you cannot work on our courses.

What hours will I be working on average?

On-course roles are immersive roles in which staff can expect to work between 65 and 70 hours a week.

What kind of jobs can I apply for?

We have a number of on-course roles available over the Spring and Summer with varying levels of responsibility. All involve a duty of care towards the students enrolled on the course and will work towards making sure the students have a memorable and safe time with Oxford Summer Courses. Some roles, such as Student Helper and Assistant Course Director, emphasise enthusiasm, friendliness, and responsibility as you deliver a schedule of activities, trips, and meals and support students through their course. Others, such as Course Director or Deputy Course Director, have a greater emphasis on organisation, leadership, and management.

Will I go on the day trips and excursions?

On-course staff are expected to help organise and deliver the trips and excursions that take place during the programme. The excursions vary depending on site and age range. They tend to be busy days that require organisation and teamwork but are a great opportunity to get to know the students in a more relaxed environment. Entry tickets and travel to and from day trip destinations are provided by Oxford Summer Courses.

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