Pastoral staff roles in Oxford, Cambridge and High Wycombe

Join our Pastoral team looking after students attending our 2 or 4 week residential courses.

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Student Helper

As a Student Helper you will accompany students on restaurant trips, day excursions and evening activities as well as day trips. Our Student Helpers must be incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and motivated, because they have an essential role in making the student experience rewarding, interesting and, above all, fun. This is a role for people who like action, activity and who get on brilliantly with others.

Please see our Student Helper role description for more information.

Assistant Course Director

As an Assistant Course Director you will be responsible for a group of around 20 international students and manage a team of Student helpers to ensure the smooth delivery of the course. You will receive training in Oxford Summer Courses’ policies, child safeguarding, Mental Health First Aid and basic First Aid.

Please see our Assistant Course Director role description for more information.

Deputy Course Directors

The Deputy Course Director, is a leadership role with considerable responsibility, through which you’ll support the Course Director in running all non-academic aspects of the course across the whole site. This will include taking on Course Director tasks as required and acting as the Course Director in their absence, which might be planned or unexpected. This role is double hatted with Assistant Course Director and you will be supported by a Student Helper capable of deputising as ACD when necessary.

Please see our Deputy Course Director role description for more information.

Course Director

As a Course Director you will be responsible for overseeing the successful and smooth delivery of our 2 or 4 week residential courses for international students. This is a leadership role for energetic, committed and enthusiastic people. You will motivate, enthuse and support your on-course team, so that courses are high quality, exciting and rewarding both academically and socially. You will work closely with the head office in the delivery of both the academic and non-academic elements of the course, encompassing student discipline, welfare, co-ordination and administration. You will have the latitude and flexibility to put your own stamp on elements of the programme. This is a fast-paced role in which you will manage a team of Assistant Course Directors and Student Helpers, who are all current or recent undergraduate or graduate students. They in turn are responsible for looking after their student groups of around 20 students each, and who will look to you for leadership, support and organisation. Collectively, you will deliver courses which, historically, receive exceptional feedback from the students.

Please see our Course Director role description for more information.

There is limited accommodation available for staff, priority will go to Course Directors and Assistant Course Directors.

Part-time Student Helpers

We are also looking for individuals to join our pool of Part-time Student Helpers. Enacting the same role as the student helpers part-time student helpers work flexibly as and when additional support is needed, for example on day trips or to cover staff illness.

What we are looking for:

Proactive and personable, people-centred and positive, you will share your passion for Oxford, Cambridge or High Wycombe with our students.

You need excellent organizational and time management skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Prior experience is not essential, just a willingness to learn on the job and infectious enthusiasm.