Practical Teaching of Medicine and Anatomy, Delivered in India

Oxford has taught medicine since the 1300s and remains at the cutting edge of the discipline today. The course at Oxford Summer Courses introduces you to the practical study of Medicine through Medical Biology and Anatomy. You will consider ethical questions about the value of a human life and the possibility of human enhancement. You will build a solid understanding of the foundations of medical science, and have the opportunity to engage with the latest developments in medicine.

From age 14 to 17, our business and entrepreneurship summer course in India is designed to expand your knowledge through expert teaching.

Our tutors are Oxford academics and have spent years honing their teaching skills.

We provide tutors of the highest quality so you will be learning from leaders in their field, ensuring you will gain knowledge which will boost your university application prospects and improve your grades.

Lessons are divided by subject and taught in small groups with a maximum of 15 students per class.

Our tutors are highly experienced teachers and motivated academics from Oxford. They will guide you to think more deeply about your subject and gain academic maturity before you apply to university.

You will get the opportunity to experience interactive classes, interdisciplinary seminars, thematic workshops and a group project on a shared local problem.

Our courses are designed and delivered with a focus on developing your academic rigour. This is crucial when you come to apply to university and it shows you have the potential and commitment to be successful there.

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