From first aid to curing cancer, discover how mental and medical health is interwoven with our busy lives, and what we can do to stop our bodies stopping us.

From allergies to heart disease, every day so many people’s lives are affected by medical conditions and we still can’t cure them all. That’s where you come in. If you’re passionate about using biology to transform lives, study Medical Sciences with Oxford Summer Courses and make it your mission.

We’ll explore how big events and global issues affect the health of individuals or the wider population, considering controlling symptoms, past remedies, and potential future breakthroughs. Guided by expert tutors who are highly skilled in the field of medicine, you’ll be challenged to create innovative solutions to prevent injury or return hope to sufferers.


Match your passion to your academic pursuit. Find a course that makes you never want to stop learning.

Join us this summer! Study Medical Science in London:

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