Discover politics on the international stage and learn how countries and ideals link up to shape the modern world

What are the main differences between democratic institutions and dictatorships? Who governs modern society across the globe? How does international society affect the world as a singular force?

Discover the answers on our insightful International Relations & Politics summer course. From Marxism to globalisation, we’ll introduce you to global political concepts, working through everything in practical study groups and seminars to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

We’ll also open the floor and debate Oxford style using the knowledge and insight we’ve learned from world-class tutors.

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Absorb, share, collaborate and question. That’s how we encourage you to gain the most from our International Relations & Politics course. A complex subject requires a comprehensive path of study and at Oxford Summer Courses, we’re equipped to offer it.

Our expert tutors are well established in their field and can guide, advise and subjectively review your work through all stages of your study for an immersive, enriched learning experience.

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