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Has there ever been a more pressing time to study earth sciences? After all, our planet is having to face up to some pretty tough questions: How do we manage the earth’s natural resources? What can be done about climate change? And how do we manage the increasing risks of natural phenomena?

If similar issues keep you awake at night, then this Oxford summer course in earth sciences could be your thing. Oxford’s earth scientists sit at the forefront of today’s global issues and are behind much of the research and discovery that drives global policy. Studying here in our city means you’ll be learning directly from the people that are already shaping our planet’s future. Perhaps it’s your turn to do your bit?

Match your passion to your academic pursuit. Find a course that makes you never want to stop learning.

Why not mix it up a little?

Are you torn between two subjects, or undecided on which city to study in? The good news is that you can often combine two subjects, or even split your studies between different UK locations.


Join us this summer! Study Earth Sciences in any of the following cities:

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