Prepared to face up to the tough questions?

What keeps you awake at night? If your answer is along the lines of how we manage the earth’s natural resources, or what we can do about climate change, then you’re in the right place.

Our Cambridge-based summer course in earth sciences looks at the difficult questions that face our planet today. You’ll be learning directly from those already shaping the future… in fact, it was right here in Cambridge that the ominous hole in the ozone was first discovered. Needless to say, the city’s earth scientists are key players on today’s issues and are behind much of the research and discovery that drives global policy today. So, maybe it’s time to step up and do your bit?

From age 16 to 24, our earth sciences summer courses in Cambridge are designed specifically to fit your level of experience.

Why not mix it up a little?

Are you torn between two subjects, or undecided on which city to study in? The good news is that you can often combine two subjects, or even split your studies between different UK locations.


Join us this summer! Study Earth Sciences in the following cities:

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