Creative Industries Summer School

photo (c) John Cairns

From Musicians to Publishers, find your creative calling on our Creative Industries course

Calling all creatives! We’re looking for the next generation of Musicians, Publishers, Writers, Producers and Designers to enjoy a fulfilling career in the creative industry. But first, begin with our insightful, practical Creative Industries course.

Study with us and you’ll learn get to apply some of the many different mediums and disciplines in the creative industry and find out what’s required to break into this exciting and dynamic field.

Be inspired by established creative experts across the city and join your team to discover how to connect with audiences, learn how each stage of the creative process adds significance and impact to your final edit and develop the professional skills you need to start your creative journey.

In London more than 1 in 10 jobs are in the creative industry, so it’s the perfect place to explore how a modern approach can revolutionise production methods and explore where you could fit in tomorrow’s creative world by tackling a real-life problem based in the capital.

Your future could depend on new genres and technologies to enrich experiences for audiences all over the world.

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Match your passion to your academic pursuit. Find a course that makes you never want to stop learning.

Claim your place in the field of creative arts by equipping yourself with the tools you need to showcase your finest work

The world needs your creative vision. But first, it needs you to finesse it on our Creative Industries course. Creativity and ideas go hand-in-hand but being able to execute and communicate those ideas well is what divides wannabe creatives from world-class ones.

Study with us and you’ll approach our London-based theme from a range of viewpoints, perhaps considering the impact of history, sociology and culture on your team’s project or how gender and ethnicity need to be considered in advertising or through the written word.

Boost your collaborative skills, extend your appreciation and understanding and fast-track your career into the creative industry by developing transferable skills and learning from top tutors in the best environment to stimulate you creatively and academically.

photo (c) John Cairns

Our established tutors are experts in their fields of study. Gain the skills and experience you need to excel with a unique, unparalleled learning experience.

As current and past alumni of top universities, they’re highly specialised, recognised and knowledgeable in their chosen fields and can transfer their academic wisdom to you through interactive learning, independent study, seminars, and tutorials, depending on your age group.

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