Computer Science

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Embrace new tech, become a code master and gain the digital skills you need to create the next groundbreaking app

Code, develop, grow and create. Online and offline, technology remains one of the greatest weapons in your digital arsenal. Learn everything you need to excel in computer science on our contemporary course.

From app development to HTML and CSS, our expert computer tutors will show you the way. Even Mark Zuckerberg had to start somewhere…. sign up to Computer Sciences with Oxford Summer Courses and equip yourself with the programme knowledge and application skills you need to develop your digital dreams.

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Match your passion to your academic pursuit. Find a course that makes you never want to stop learning

Build an eCommerce empire or code behind the scenes for one of the world’s top tech companies – your future in Computer Science starts here

Keep your knowledge and experience with computer science fresh and build a desirable skillset of credentials to attract top employers by studying with Oxford Summer Courses.

Our Computer Science study course introduces and explores a range of coding techniques and languages, including Python SQL and web development, giving you the ideal base to build your knowledge on.

We take it step by step ensuring everyone keeps pace and has confidence with their new skills. We start by looking at programming environments, before moving onto frameworks and HTML/CSS development. Then we develop a more practical application linking to databases and webservers, with a view of building a sample application and deploying to cloud platform Heroku.

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