Workshops at Wycombe Abbey


Date of Publication: 19 September 2018

A pastoral staff member report back on some workshops from our 2018 course:

“This week, the students have been undertaking workshops in Nature and Art, exploring the beauty of the Wycombe Abbey woodland. After a hot climb up the hill, we managed to find a shady spot under the tree canopy, where we set up our art supplies and prepared to do a scavenger hunt. Students learnt to identify different species of trees and flowers and then sprinted around to collect them in teams. Afterwards, we made art inspired by the things we had found- with everything from detailed sketches of flowers and pine-cones to oil pastel rubbings of leaves. In the quieter moments, we also managed to spot some wildlife, including deer, bats and butterflies!

Other students took part in First Aid workshop, learning how to save each others lives with CPR and the recovery position. They can now handle dislocated shoulders and wounds. Some well-trained staff actors laid in wait in the woods and students found these ‘patients’, ready to treat them! Other students critiqued their first aid approach, giving the students a chance to put into practice what they had learned.”

To read more about our courses at Wycombe Abbey, visit the location page: Stay at Wycombe Abbey

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